Thursday, 19 March 2015

Two Spring Looks

In all honesty, I am really not crazy for spring/summer clothing. There seems to be a mixture of fashions in the warmer months which never manage to satisfy me. I see looks that I think are really pretty but they never look quite right on me. I tend to live in black and fairly dark colours like burgundy and navy which means that I can never really buy into that whole pastel, floral trend in spring.
However I have been having a browse of the New Look website - as they have some really nice stuff in at the moment - and I have put together a few outfits which I would happily wear as the sun starts to re-emerge.


Which look do you prefer? Have any of these items caught your eye?

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Things I Have Learnt In My First Year of Uni

As some of you may know, I'm currently in my first year at university in Cardiff studying English Literature and German. And, believe me when I say, this first year has been a bit mad. There have been times when I've just wanted to drop out and other times when I've felt really happy. Mostly though, I've felt tired. But I have learnt so much about life in this year.
So, I wanted to share with you some of the things I have learnt this year and I would love to hear what everyone else's experience of university was or if anyone has experienced anything similar to me.

9am lectures are impossible to wake up for
 I used to catch a bus to college every morning at 7:30am. Now 9am just doesn't exist. There is only one 9 o'clock in the day and that's the one where I am snuggled up in bed catching up on EastEnders.

The laundry bag fills up so quickly
You wash the clothes. 2 seconds later, it's full again. I swear I spend half my life washing clothes.

Procrastination still exists even though you have loads of spare time
I am currently writing this instead of reading a Malory's Le Morte Darthur. Enough said?

Weight loss isn't an aim, it's a by-product of poor cooking skills
Since starting uni I have lost some weight. Mostly because I am too lazy to go to the shops and buy ingredients so live off snacks and because whenever I try to cook, it goes so very wrong.

Your poor cooking skills will mean that you end up eating strange concoctions
French bread and salsa is surprisingly tasty, I'll have you know.

Lidl's bakery section is a god-send
If you learn anything from this post, let this be it. Lidl has an amazing bakery section. And it's so cheap. A loaf of fresh, farmhouse bread? 50p. A croissant? 29p. A baguette? 40p. And, yes, I have memorised the prices - I just go there that often.

Technology hates me
Before starting uni I decided I would need a printer. Good thinking, Lauren, but you overlooked the vital fact that you cannot work technology for the life of you. It's now March and I still haven't managed to get the ruddy thing to print anything.

People will infect you
The way it goes is one inconsiderate blighter living in a big hall - usually in a student village - gets a cold from somewhere and spreads it to everyone in the student village. They all go to lectures and pass it on to everyone else. They then bring it back to their halls and it spreads around the smaller halls. How much fun I had necking back cough medicine a couple of months back.

The kitchen will never be completely clean
No matter how much the kitchen is cleaned, it will still be dirty. Even once you remove all the beer bottles, dirty plates and rogue slices of ham, you will still be left with a kitchen you don't really want to cook in.

Food goes off too quickly
There are certain things I don't bother buying anymore as they go off too quickly. Bread and milk are the main ones. I like buying fresh bread but it usually has to be eaten within that day and I can't eat a whole loaf by myself in a day. And fruit goes mouldy very quickly. I once bought a punnet of plums and they went off before they even ripened.  I cannot convey the depth of my disappointment.

Course books are so expensive
Before uni I never would have considered paying £30 on a single book. Well, perhaps if it were an amazing antique one but, otherwise, no freaking way. Now I am buying a massive Shakespeare anthology to discover that I only have to read 4 plays from it. They could have said and saved me money which I could have spent on chocolate orange.

Looking socially acceptable comes at the price of half an hour's sleep and I like to sleep
I haven't worn makeup to lectures in months. But I just haven't cared that much about how I look lately. I must look like a troll but who really cares? Does it matter that I look like a troll? If I don't care then it isn't important what other people think. Although there are days when it's early and I've had 10 minutes to shove some clothes on and run to class and I arrive looking like Grendal's Mother and everyone else, somehow, looks really put together.

You will end up pulling an all-nighter
Whether it is alcohol related or you have an essay due, you will pull an all-nighter at some point.

And you might just fall in love...
Truth be known, I'm having a food baby and I'm not sure if the father is Ben or Jerry.

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