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Quickmax Eyelash Growth Enhancer

Admittedly, it has been an absolute lifetime since I last posted here and I can but apologise for my neglect of this blog and for not interacting within the blogosphere for so long. Who knew university took up so much of your time? And even when you're not studying, you just have no energy to do anything at all. But I'm going to make more of an effort to write more here as I have been missing it.
Currently in my life I am doing exams which isn't the best of fun but at least I only have 3 and just need 40% sooo - can you tell I am truly aiming high here?

So, today's post is one I  have had on the backburner for months and have kept the lovely, patient people from LuxStyle, who sent me this product to review, waiting for much too long. But I finally found a gap in my revision to upload this.
Also I apologise about the photos. My camera was playing up so I had to use my phone which has a dreadful camera on it.


I really like the packaging of this product. I like that it is quite small so you can just pop it into your bag if you are going away for the weekend. Also the shiny, metallic colour makes it look quite expensive, I think. I also like that the brush/wand is quite small so you can be really precise with the application. Also the screw top is useful and it takes a few turns to open it so there is little chance of it coming open in your bag and leaking all over your stuff.

The small brush, as I just mentioned, is really useful for being precise in the application. The product itself is oily but I found that it dried really quickly. However it wasn't heavy on the lashes and, after it had dried, it felt like you didn't have anything on your lashes which was a plus for me.

I think that this product is good for the price and is fairly effective. I can't say I have seen significant changes in my eyelashes but it has made them better to an extent. Of course, it varies depending on the person as I have read other reviews of this product where it has worked wonders. But, for me, the differences I saw were only minimal.

I think this is a great product and definitely worth giving a go.

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