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Uni Life: An Update

 I currently have a list as long as my arm of homework I need to do this week but I have decided to write this post about university life instead.

Last week was my first week of lectures and, typically, it was the same week my body decided to forsake me and allow me to catch the worst cough ever. I lost my voice on one of the days and don't get my started on the embarrassment of having to cough in lectures. But, despite the want to neck an entire bottle of cough medicine to kill off the last dregs of this wretched Freshers Flu, I have started to quite enjoy myself.

First of all, lectures are so bliming good! German seminars are going ok and I am quite pleased that I am still able to understand what is being said - as the seminars are given in German - despite hardly speaking it all summer. But the English Lit lectures have been so great. We are studying 4 'bildungsroman' novels for the core English lit module and I am also doing an extra module in Medieval and Renaissance Literature in which we are looking at Shakespeare and Chaucer. And the lectures have discussed everything I love. They are slightly philosophical (looking at how literature forms a structure for how we act and form relationships and the artificiality therein), refer to feminist criticism and the position of women in society and, in the one we had today, looked at how racial prejudices affected the contemporary reception of Bertha's character in Jane Eyre.

I have also found that talking to people at uni is surprisingly simple. I have recently been fully enjoying the simplicity of conversation in that there are an extensive set of go-to questions which you can use to start off conversations. Outside of uni it was never this easy but here you can just ask what someone is studying and where they are staying and where they are originally from. Before coming here I never spoke to 'new people' but now I speak to someone new every day. Perhaps it is because I've been thrown into the deep end but, either way, I've been meeting some really friendly people.
Having said this, my life hasn't been without awkward moments as I can safely say that I am not a natural conversationalist.

Amidst all this excitement, I have done a few other fun things. I went to a vintage fair which was really great - although very busy - and I managed to buy a jumper which might be vintage. I probably should have asked. It is a bit worse for wear or, as I like to say, very well loved but it was only a tenner and I think it is possibly from the 80s or late 70s - but I'm no expert!
I also travelled home to visit my family and had a good old feed-up then returned to uni with a massive bar of Galaxy which was so lush.
And, finally and possibly most excitingly, there may or may not be a boy. Well, I'm not hanging up my title as Queen of the Spinsters just yet but there is hope.


  1. I totally get how you feel. I'm on my 2nd year doing Biochemistry and it's only three weeks in and I feel flooded with work! Keep the hard work up - it will be worth it!

    Aftab :)
    Fresh And Fearless

  2. How exciting! I'm so glad to hear that uni is living up to expectations (cough aside- I hope you feel better soon!). How clever you are to understand lectures in another language- I'm absolutely hopeless at everything languages-wise (except for English, thank goodness) xxx

  3. Happy to hear everything's going well! I hope you'll feel better soon. Coughing can be so annoying. :)

  4. I'm happy to hear you're enjoying university, Lauren. I actually found university really overwhelming at first, so I'm a little jealous! The four years will whizz by so soak up every second.


    p.s. a boy - that is also very exciting!


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