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Uni Room Inspiration

Some of you may know that in a couple of weeks I am setting off to my lovely Welsh uni and, equally excitingly, moving into my new room in the halls of residence.
Therefore I have put together a medley of uni room inspiration pictures as I am rather excited to decorate my room and, once it is all set up, I will definitely be posting a room tour.

I really love the cosiness of this room. I will definitely be putting up some fairly lights like these. And I like how they have hung little polaroid shaped notes/pictures from the lights. This seems like an achievable look for my new room.

I have a bit of a thing for maps. Especially old maps. I don't know why - they just look so good when they are hung up on a wall or pinned on a notice board. I have been thinking of getting a scratch map where it's like a scratch card but you scratch off the countries you have visited.

I love how interesting everything looks in this picture. All the soft tones look lovely together.

I do really like this - it's all a bit fairy princess-like. But I'm not sure how compatible yards of curtaining hanging from the ceiling would be with the health and safety regulations.

I think this is maybe a bit more realistic when it comes to student accommodation. I like the fairy lights and all the pictures which make it look a little less dull.

Finally, my dream room. The books, the soft tones which are the same colour as aged paper, the cushions. Love it.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to hear which is your favourite look out of the ones above.

Disclaimer: I have linked all the pictures to their source that I have the links for. I do not own any of these pictures and found them on Tumblr. If you recognise a picture, please let me know then I will give credit to the owner of the picture.


  1. Hope to see you at the Cardiff Bloggers meet up :) I went to Cardiff Uni and now work there in one of the libraries so if you have any questions just ask. There will be a blogger meet up for coffee in Cathays a couple of weeks into term, details will be on my toiwtter @Gemma_DS and @cdfblogs so keep an eye out :) x

  2. After two years of living in halls of residence/ student houses, it is definitely so important to make your room as cosy as possible! These ideas look great. Lots of cushions, fairy lights and pictures on walls :D x

  3. Love the fairy lights, super cute :)

  4. Great post, I love the fairy lights, the maps and the books xx

  5. Fairy lights and pinned up maps and photos are definitely easy and cheap ways to make your room more personal :) I'd add in plenty of colourful cushions and blankets- they'll make your bed look really inviting and make the floor more comfortable to sit on if you end up hosting a group of new friends in your room xxx

  6. I love the first one, that's what I'm trying to do with my room at uni too! Good luck at uni, I hope you have a wonderful time! x

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