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New Hairstyle

Yesterday I went to the hairdressers with my two sisters to get our hair cut at which point I spontaneously decided to get my hair totally redesigned and have it cut short with layers.
Last time I got my hair cut I asked for it just past my shoulders, which was quite a change for me, but this new haircut is in a whole other field of haircuts.
I am still unsure whether I like it and I do miss my long hair. But shorter hair is good for the winter when you want to wear a scarf but don't want your long hair under the scarf irritating your neck or over the scarf making your head look rather triangular. So, it's good for something.
Since getting my hair cut I have straightened it twice which kinda defeats the object of cutting off all the damaged hair as I am now just making more damaged hair but I am glad to be rid of the dip dye.
Overall I don't mind the new haircut but it will get some getting used to.

And then I couldn't maintain the above level of seriousness... 


  1. it really suits you :) and will be so much easier to maintain in winter because it will dry much more quickly xxx

  2. I love this cut on you! Shorter hair is a lot easier to maintain during the winter months and looks better with scarves as you say :)
    XO, Miriam

  3. Very cute and well manageable I could imagine.
    Love the sassy last photo! haha

    Best wishes, Danielle

  4. It really suits you, great post and cool photos xx

  5. I think the shorter hair looks lovely on you! I tend to cut my hair short in the fall/winter for the scarf reason, too. I hate having long hair cascading all over the place with winter clothes on.

  6. Your hair looks lovely! The whole scarf thing really makes me tempted to have the chop. It has taken me so long to grow my hair though - I think I'd have a complete freak out!

    Rachael at

  7. This new style suits you so much! Think of all the volume/messy texture you can create now that it's more manageable :D xx

  8. I had always considered short hair to be better for summer because it's cooler and long hair better for winter to keep me warmer, but you make a good point about the scarves! Your new hairstyle is now going to be my winter hair inspiration! I hope it looks as good on me as it does you! Thanks for sharing.


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