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My Thoughts On New Products

I am the kind of person who, when it comes to makeup, tends to just repurchase things that I know are good. However lately I have been using a few new products and I thought that I would share my opinions of them with you.

Burt's Bees Peppermint Lipbalm

I won this as part of a giveaway prize ages ago but have only recently started using it regularly as it is a good size just to chuck into your handbag and I prefer it to a lipbalm pot with a lid as there is less chance that the lid will come off and coat the lining of your bag in strawberry scented gunge.
My only reservation with this was that it is peppermint flavour but I have grown to quite like it. When I first started using it, it was a bit spicy and made my lips tingle but now I'm fine with it and would recommend this product to everyone who wants a good lipbalm. But maybe, for the unadventurous, a non-mint flavour would be preferable. 

I was excited to try out this product as I have heard that it is really good for getting rid of spots.
I only tried it once (as I read that you can only use it once a week - thank goodness for my ability to read German as it wasn't mentioned in the English section) and it was quite a palava. 
In each pack you get an ample amount for about two people but, be warned, don't try and be thrifty and use it all on yourself in one go else it is becomes too thick to peel off but doesn't wash off easily.
I am sure if used properly this would be an amazing product and everyone says that it is really effective but the lack of washing off capabilities meant that my face was left quite red from scrubbing the product off.

Paul Mitchell The Conditioner

This product is one that I could rave about until the cows come home! 
My auntie has used this for the longest time and used to give me some to take home in a little pot and I always wished that I could own a big pot myself. It is basically leave in conditioner and it smells so nice, is bright blue which is really fun and is so nourishing and moisturising. Apparently it is even good for your skin.
So, when I got a load of Amazon vouchers I ordered some from there and it was about a tenner for a big pot which is quite expensive but I would say that it is worth it. The pots apparently last for ages, according to my auntie, and I find that they are good to just run through your hair when you come out the shower or in the morning. And you only need a little bit so it really doesn't run out quickly.

M&S Florentyna Perfume

A friend, rather nicely, bought me this when we were in M&S and it has been in my handbag ever since. It is perfect just to carry around and have a spritz of every so often. It is quite a floral scent without smelling like sickly pre-teen perfume nor like an old woman's perfume. Also it was a bargain price so everyone's a winner.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love it if you took a second to fill out the poll in the sidebar telling me what kind of posts you would like to see more of.


  1. the lipbalm sounds great! Think ill have to try one

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

  2. I love this lip balm!!! great post

  3. It's been ages since I last used Burt's Bees, but now I'm itching to buy a new tube of lipbalm. The Paul Mitchell leave-in conditioner sounds wonderful, too.


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