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Moving to Uni

My packing before I left for uni

I am having to write this on my phone as I still can't get my laptop to connect to the uni WiFi which is SO annoying as I want to catch up on the episode of Downton that I missed.

The new folders I bought

So far uni has really been a mixed bag for me. I am finding that my hall tends to be quite quiet during the day which I am really not used to as at home it is always so noisy. Also I'm really not used to spending so much time alone. It's weird, I haven't found many people to make friends with - but I was able to chat with people at tea as it is included during the week which was nice.

Packing up the car

But since moving in there have been a catelog of problems to contend with. First, I forgot a kettle so haven't had a cup of tea in days. Then my laptop failed to work. And the shower broke. And I got lost trying to find the student union so only got my ID card today.
But I am hoping that these are just beginners blips.

Crossing the bridge to Wales

Other than being quite stressed by the aforementioned issues, I have otherwise been quite bored. As the flat is pretty lifeless by day, I have very little to do than snapchat everyone I know (lucky them!). To be honest, I am looking forward to freshers ending and for the work to start. I know that sounds mad but I have very little to do at the moment. Because of this I signed up to 3 societies and am hoping to join another tomorrow. At least if I'm busy then I can't be bored.

Unpacking in my new room

However I am liking having my own room without people running in and out and all the freebies that are being given out.

The freebies from the societies fair - also got free dominoes pizza and Greggs Rocky Road.


  1. I'm sure you'll settle in fast, your the only person I've ever known who'd say student accommodation is quiet! BTW you won my giveaway! Send me your new uni address and I'll get it posted out :)


  2. Wow, I've forgotten how exciting moving and starting university is. I'm kind of annoyed with my studies at the moment and again annoyed that we in Germany don't have these societies. Would have making friends at the beginning way easier :P Where in Wales are you studying? I did my exchange term in Aberystwyth and it was amazing.

  3. Starting university (especially the move and the settling in part) can be a bit much at first, but I'm sure you'll settle in fast and meet nice people! :) I wish I could go back ten years ago and start uni again. Not for uni itself (french universities are not the best, especially the one I went to!) but for the student life and experience.

    Have fun! And I'm sure you won't be bored for long! :)

  4. I'm sure you'll make lots of friends once your course starts and in your new clubs :) What are you going to do about forgetting a kettle? I reckon a trip into town to buy a pretty new one would kill plenty of time before the end of freshers' week :) xxx

  5. That's really exciting. And I always love al lthe free stuff they giveaway

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  6. Love all the free stuff you get to. Hope you have a great time and make lots of new friends soon.

  7. How exciting! i can't wait to see more photos!

  8. I wish my halls had been quiet, was far too noisy sometimes haha. Joining societies is a good idea. I joined the mountain walking club and went up Snowdon. That was my one and only venture with them though! Too lazy! Hopefully it'll be better for you once you start lectures- I felt a bit like that too.

  9. Loving all the freebies you got. Sorry to hear about all the things that happened during your first few days. I hope that you meet wonderful ppeople and make new friends and that whole experience will be much better for you.
    All the best.


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