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Holiday Haul

As you may have noticed from the fair amount of posts featuring holiday snaps, I have been on holiday twice in the last month (which is rather extravagant, I admit) and, consequently, have returned home with a few new shiny treasures. And that's where this posts comes in because I have a post today to share with you all the things I bought whilst on holiday in both Wales and Germany.

My auntie and sister picked this out for me before the holiday (sorry but I just had to share it!) and I really love it. I love sausage dogs and this little makeup bag/purse is such an adorable print.

I bought this little card in the cathedral of St Davids just because it has a John Donne quote on it. And who doesn't love a bit of John Donne - despite some of his more unfavourable poems (let us never speak of To His Mistress Going To Bed), he is a great poet and I love some of the ideas he puts forward.

I got this postcard when we were sheltered in a shop whilst a monsoon style downpour fell from the skies of Rudesheim. On the trip it felt like we literally travelled the length of the Rhine by coach and, at most points, it looked a lot like this so I got this to remind me of the trip.

I got this adorable little Christmas card in Kathe Wohlfahrt which is literally the best shop ever - it's an all year round Christmas shop! I know, it was amazing.

I bought both a copy of Sophocles 'Electra and Other Plays' and Mark Twain's 'The Innocents Abroad'. I have heard great things about Sophocles and I know that it is always difficult to find classical texts in charity shops, so I snapped it up. Also I have always wanted to read something about Mark Twain.

I bought this tin in a gift shop in St Davids because the print on it is really sweet. But the price tag peeled some of the print off of the tin which was really annoying but I have kinda covered that by tea staining it.

I also bought these tissues in the wonderful Christmas shop of joy. Bit random but I have some other tissues by the same brand with a gorgeous print on them so I thought these would make a nice change at Christmas time. 

I also got this peg with Father Christmas on it. Perfect for hanging Christmas cards up around my room.

The last thing I bought from the Christmas shop was this coaster. I thought that the picture on it was adorable and, you know me, I love anything vintage looking.

Also in Rudesheim I bought this little peach/apple/fruit hanging decoration in a wood craft shop. It was amazingly cheap - I think around 50p in English money - and it is so well made. And the colour is magnificent.

Final thing I bought on my trip is this wooden cut out decoration from the same wood craft shop as the hanging fruit. I love the birds on it and it is great just to remember the trip by.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to hear what kind of post you would like to see next - in fact, there is a poll to fill out in my sidebar!


  1. Great haul xx

  2. That make-up bag is so sweet, and I love your Christmas haul! xxx

  3. Love the sausage dog bag and the bird decoration. Great haul!

  4. You bought some lovely thing! Especially love the wooden cut outs and make up bag!

    Lagerfeld Love

  5. I'm so jealous that you went to Germany, especially off the beaten track. It's my favourite country! xx

  6. I'm always jealous of those adorable old tins you find. And that little dog bag! You have the best taste!

    Tightrope to the Sun

  7. Already smells like Christmas (and loving it!). :)

  8. Very cute items, love the christmas things! :D

    Please check out my new blog post, would love to know your thoughts!



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