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Cochem & Reichsburg Castle

A few weeks ago my auntie and I departed on a coach trip to Germany. My parents paid for the trip for my 18th birthday present and I had been looking forward to it for such a long time (you all know my love for Germany). But the day quickly arrived and I was packing my bags and being driven to my auntie's house to stay over the night before we departed.
The next morning we had to wake up at 2:30am to catch a feeder coach at 3am then arrived in the local city to catch the main coach - there were still people out partying at the clubs (which made me question why on earth anyone would rather be out in the freezing cold wearing heels rather than be snuggled up at home in bed). We then caught the coach and departed on the 19 hour coach journey to our hotel in Germany. Ok, it wasn't meant to be 19 hours but we were held up at literally every point on the journey and were about 4 hours late to the hotel.

The food I bought when we made an unscheduled stop in Belgium to get snacks as it was about 8pm and we were already meant to be sat down at the hotel eating tea at this time.
I got a sparkling iced tea (I didn't know they even existed) and a lovely chocolate covered waffle.

The following day, after some well earned rest and after everyone's ankles had deflated (not a pretty sight), we went on our trip to Cochem and some of us braved the hill up to the Reichsburg Castle and, I have to say, it was well worth it.

Reichsburg Castle from Cochem

A frog queen kinda statue? Not sure, to be honest.

We then made our way into the castle itself and had a tour from a lovely German lady. They had the info written down in loads of different languages so that everyone could understand it and the lady also repeated some things in English and in Dutch. Towards the end of the tour I started to fully understand what she was saying, as I can speak some German, but I do find that it takes a while to get into the language (if that makes any sense).

Wouldn't mind this being my dining room.

The view from a balcony of the beautiful Rhine.
All of the people on the same tour as us flooded out onto the balcony and then the woman said to us, there were about 20-30 of us, that the balcony was only meant for 10 people so she was standing back. Bit worrying.

The crowd is a wedding party having their picture taken from the tower. 
Sorry I crashed the wedding.

St Hedwig. Good to know he is being remembered for his heroic endeavours. 

Love the half timbered houses so much. Oh, Cochem, please adopt me!

The view from our hotel (Dorint in Bad Neuenahr). Kept calling it 'Dorint Dorint Zoo' as, y'know, Gerrit Gerritsz. Y'know Erasmus' original name. Which my history teacher told us was pronounced 'gerrit gerrit zoo'. Yeah, maybe it's just me who thinks like this...

I hope you enjoyed this post and I have a few more posts from my Germany trip to share with you.
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  1. Germany is beautiful. I can't wait to go there one day also!

  2. what a gorgeous place! It looks like it was worth every minute of the long journey (although I'm sure the waffle helped too :p) xxx

  3. Lovely post - I hope you had a great time! Great pictures as well :)

    The Beauty Scrapbook

  4. these pictures are lovely, the lighting on some of them are perf! :) xx


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