Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Small Antique Haul

As some of you long term readers may have guessed, I am something of an antique fiend. I love going to flea markets, antique fairs, vintage fairs, carboot sales and charity shops and spending the day searching for 'hidden treasure'. With my auntie and uncle both being antique dealers and my younger sister being mad for collecting antique cranberry glass, I am never alone in my search to own a chunk of history.
The items in this post are things that I bought when I went to a big flea market at Shepton Mallet (they do the best flea markets and antique fairs, in my opinion). I didn't really buy a huge amount but I really like what I did manage to find.
Also I found an amazing item there but then it was sold whilst I was trying to decide whether to purchase as I would have had to spend all my money on it. But it was so good. Basically it was a little wire display rack from a sweet shop from around the 50s and it still had to Cadbury's prices and logo on it. It's better to have loved and lost..

I have to admit, I do love postcards and I think it's so romantic an idea of going away then sending someone a written note sending your love and sharing your experiences with them.
Then I found vintage postcards. I am quite smitten.
I love reading what people have written to each other and it's so personal that it really gives you such a sense of who they were.
One thing I would love to do in the future would be to track down the decedents of the people who sent the postcards and give them the postcard.

Isn't it so exciting reading what they wrote?! Everyone had such good handwriting too.
I bought this one as I loved the image of the ballroom as it is so grand.

I love how pretty much all the person said was that they were ill whilst they were there. How pleased would you be to receive a postcard just stating that the person hadn't felt well?!
And the stamps are so interesting too!

I also got this little Easter card because I thought it was adorable.

Finally, and most excitingly for me, I bought this framed theatre poster from 1834. I got it at quite a good price and I can't believe I own something so old! I think the frame is also pretty old as it is falling apart on the back but I think that adds to it's charm.
I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to hear what you have all been up to lately.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Jane Austen Festival & Bath

Recently I went to something INCREDIBLY exciting which was, as you may have guessed from the title of this post, the Jane Austen Festival in Bath. My auntie and I only went for the day and it really was one of those days where everything is so amazing and you just feel the need to take pictures of everything. We got the train to my grandparent's house (which is closer to Bath than my house or, indeed, my auntie's house) the day before and stayed there overnight so were able to set out to Bath, via another short train journey, quite early and spend the whole day there.

I have a certain love for small alleyways - especially after visiting the Drosselgasse in Germany.

We then went into Patisserie Valerie with the intention of getting a cup of tea and a pastry for breakfast but ended up ordering proper big breakfasts.
I had the vegetarian breakfast which included a feta cheese frittata, which was unusual to say the least, and my auntie ordered Eggs Florentine with a side of bacon. And we had a pot of tea too - with actual tea leaves in it, which I found so exciting!
Also the pic of my auntie's breakfast looks like the panda is going to eat it...

After breakfast we then climbed the mountainous track up to the top of town to the antiques centre for a bit of bargain hunting. Unfortunately we really weren't loving it there so left empty-handed.

After that we made our way to the Assembly Room to see all the people dressed up in Regency attire set off across town.

When I saw the men dressed up as soldiers it took all my willpower not to scream 'THE MILITIA!!' and drop my handkerchief on the floor beside them - they pick it up, then you're introduced! 

Some of the costumes were amazing - I loved the outfit of the girl in the lilac dress.

We then went into the Assembly Rooms to see the exhibition of the fashion through the ages - which I have a post lined up about. Then we had a look around the actual Assembly Rooms and they were stunning.

I think they were setting this up for a wedding reception. Imagine having your wedding reception there! It would be amazing. 

I think this was inside the Guild Hall where we went to go to the Regency Fair.

The fair...

We then decided to go shopping and mooch around the city.

Had Jaffa cake ice cream from here.

Oldest building in Bath.

And what day would be complete without tiramisu?!

I hope you enjoyed this post - sorry about the amount of pictures!

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