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The London Tea Company Review (& Discount Code)

Whether or not this makes me a living British stereotype, I must profess that there is nothing better than curling up on the sofa with a good book and a mug of tea (in my favourite mug with the Queen's face on it, no less!). So, you can imagine my delight when The London Tea Company agreed to send me some tea to review. I was even more delighted when a big box arrived full of tea as the smell was amazing and everything is so pretty and colourful.
The sent me two full size packets as well as lots of little samples to try which suits me well as I tend to be quite unadventurous with what tea I drink so to just get a few samples of each gives me an opportunity to try new things without feeling obliged to drink 20 cups of it.
So, the first thing that I have to say in favour of The London Tea Company is that they how to package tea well! I love all the bright colours - it's all very fun.
Also they are Fairtrade which I love and most of them have been passed by both vegan and vegetarian trading standards type things (you know what I mean!) which is good.

What they say:
This bright and lively Fairtrade Breakfast tea is a blend of rich malty Assam grown on the banks of the Brahmaputra River in Northern India and a flavoury Kenyan tea grown by smallholder farmers in the highlands to the west of the Rift Valley. This makes for the perfect breakfast brew an ideal way to start your day.

My opinion:
This pretty much is my perfect tea. This is the kind of tea that I drink all the time and I found that this one was strong enough for my liking (no-one likes a weak tea which you have to stew for 20 minutes) and the taste was pretty much spot on for the kind of tea you want to quickly make when you wake up to have with a croissant or whatever in the morning.
Also I found it really exciting having it in a little packet and having the string attached to it (which my usual tea bags don't have) made it easier to get out without burning your fingers. 
Also as this is Fairtrade I would describe it is a serious contender to my usual tea.

What they say:
Our Fairtrade white tea is made by simply drying freshly picked tea leaves in order to retain their purity. To this we have added with Fairtrade ginger and the warm flavours of a pear tatin dessert.

My opinion:
I was quite excited to try this as I have never come across tea which is a dessert flavour and I sure do love desserts! I really liked the taste of this although it was a bit unusual and probably a bit of an acquired taste. The main taste was of the pear but there were also hints of ginger but they weren't overpowering. I put sugar in mine, despite it being fairly sweet already, as I have a proper sweet tooth.

What they say:
We have taken a high quality second flush Fairtrade Assam, grown on the banks of the Brahmaputra River, and the spices traditionally used to make an Indian Masala Chai and blended them together with creamy vanilla to create a thick and rich brew.

My opinion:
I had tried vanilla chai tea once before this and I really disliked it so I was a bit reluctant to try this one. But I did find this quite nice. The first one I tried was much too strong and I drank it without milk or sugar but this time I made it quite milky and it turned out to be really warming and a great drink to have before bed.

What they say:
Fairtrade Hibiscus gives this infusion its bright red colour and a light acidity which complements the naturally sweet flavour of raspberry; to this we have added a touch of fiery chilli which gives this blend a subtle kick.

My opinion:
I only got to try one cup of this as my sister came across it and drank all of it. I drank mine chilled which was nice but it does have quite the kick in it from the chilly - for me anyway. Other than that it is a nice rich flavour and great for people who like herbal tea.

What they say:
A blend of bright and flavoury Fairtrade teas from Ceylon and the Nilgiris in South India. Nilgiri means Blue Mountain and is the dividing ridge which runs north-south between Kerala (to the West) and Tamil Nadu. To this, we have added natural bergamot to give the blend a refreshing citrus aroma.

My opinion:
I really liked this tea. I don't usually drink Earl Grey but this tasted really nice. It's a bit fruity but not too different from the breakfast tea so it is good for people, like me, who are branching out in their tea drinking but don't want to go too adventurous yet.

Also the lovely people at London Tea have given me a discount code to share with you all to get 20% off your first order in their shop
Discount code: londontea

Don't forget to follow their Twitter and Facebook pages.


  1. Oooh that vanilla chai looks wonderful! I love vanilla tea so much and chai has always been a go to for me. Mmm you have me craving tea!

    Tightrope to the Sun

  2. Wow that raspberry inferno sounds lovely - I've never actually tried chai tea though so maybe I will have to try them both!

  3. What a wonderful package to have received! I ruddy love a cup of tea or six - and these all sound delicious (apart from raspberry inferno - I don't think I'd like chilli in my tea!) xxx

  4. that's so nice you got to try these out! I love tea
    I love the packaging xx


  5. You got me at "Raspberry Inferno" *.*



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