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St David's & Whitesands Bay

During in our stay in Pembrokeshire we went for a day out to St David's which is the UK's smallest city and I can affirm that it was small for a city. In fact, it would probably be fairly small for a town. But what it lacked in shops, it certainly made up for in gorgeous architecture and pretty houses which managed to please me anyway. And there were gift shops - who doesn't love a good gift shop?

In the town we walked past this church which I though was very pretty.

These were my two favourite houses that we saw. I have a bit of a thing for stone houses and I especially love it when they have brightly painted doors.

I bought this chocolate in the shape of St David. He was very yummy.

The cathedral. I didn't really do it justice but it was amazing.

Ruins of the bishop's palace.

I drank some lush Belvior raspberry lemonade. I always think the bottles look so cute.
Then I wanted to show off my trousers which I found on Ebay and are originally from River Island. I wore them with a black tee and my battered up Clarks slip ons.

We then went to Whitesands Bay and it was absolutely freezing. Being rather clever, I left my coat behind so decided to wrap myself up in a throw. My brother then decided to take a picture of me whilst I was eating a Wagon Wheel (yes, another one).

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you missed the last instalment of pics from my holiday, you can read it here.


  1. When I think of English homes, I think of those stone houses overgrown with flowers!

  2. The only word for this town is charming.

    And you also are so charming :)

    Tightrope to the Sun

  3. I'm jealous of your wagon wheels in these posts, I haven't had one in so long! I love this stone houses, they look so cosy and british :)x

  4. Excellent innovation with the throw- you look very cosy. That tiny gift shop looks adorable! xxx


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