Friday, 29 August 2014

Homeware Wishlist

As some of you may know, I am starting uni in September which, really, can only ever mean one thing...homeware shopping! For months now I have been browsing through homeware sections and online to find cute little things for uni - both necessary and completely unnecessary - but since getting my results and actually getting a place at uni, I have upped the ante.
Thus you have a wishlist full of pretty things which are mostly out of my price range. And lots of lamps. Sorry about that, I just really need a lamp.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to hear which item is your favourite from the things I have mentioned here.
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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

St David's & Whitesands Bay

During in our stay in Pembrokeshire we went for a day out to St David's which is the UK's smallest city and I can affirm that it was small for a city. In fact, it would probably be fairly small for a town. But what it lacked in shops, it certainly made up for in gorgeous architecture and pretty houses which managed to please me anyway. And there were gift shops - who doesn't love a good gift shop?

In the town we walked past this church which I though was very pretty.

These were my two favourite houses that we saw. I have a bit of a thing for stone houses and I especially love it when they have brightly painted doors.

I bought this chocolate in the shape of St David. He was very yummy.

The cathedral. I didn't really do it justice but it was amazing.

Ruins of the bishop's palace.

I drank some lush Belvior raspberry lemonade. I always think the bottles look so cute.
Then I wanted to show off my trousers which I found on Ebay and are originally from River Island. I wore them with a black tee and my battered up Clarks slip ons.

We then went to Whitesands Bay and it was absolutely freezing. Being rather clever, I left my coat behind so decided to wrap myself up in a throw. My brother then decided to take a picture of me whilst I was eating a Wagon Wheel (yes, another one).

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you missed the last instalment of pics from my holiday, you can read it here.

Monday, 25 August 2014

The London Tea Company Review (& Discount Code)

Whether or not this makes me a living British stereotype, I must profess that there is nothing better than curling up on the sofa with a good book and a mug of tea (in my favourite mug with the Queen's face on it, no less!). So, you can imagine my delight when The London Tea Company agreed to send me some tea to review. I was even more delighted when a big box arrived full of tea as the smell was amazing and everything is so pretty and colourful.
The sent me two full size packets as well as lots of little samples to try which suits me well as I tend to be quite unadventurous with what tea I drink so to just get a few samples of each gives me an opportunity to try new things without feeling obliged to drink 20 cups of it.
So, the first thing that I have to say in favour of The London Tea Company is that they how to package tea well! I love all the bright colours - it's all very fun.
Also they are Fairtrade which I love and most of them have been passed by both vegan and vegetarian trading standards type things (you know what I mean!) which is good.

What they say:
This bright and lively Fairtrade Breakfast tea is a blend of rich malty Assam grown on the banks of the Brahmaputra River in Northern India and a flavoury Kenyan tea grown by smallholder farmers in the highlands to the west of the Rift Valley. This makes for the perfect breakfast brew an ideal way to start your day.

My opinion:
This pretty much is my perfect tea. This is the kind of tea that I drink all the time and I found that this one was strong enough for my liking (no-one likes a weak tea which you have to stew for 20 minutes) and the taste was pretty much spot on for the kind of tea you want to quickly make when you wake up to have with a croissant or whatever in the morning.
Also I found it really exciting having it in a little packet and having the string attached to it (which my usual tea bags don't have) made it easier to get out without burning your fingers. 
Also as this is Fairtrade I would describe it is a serious contender to my usual tea.

What they say:
Our Fairtrade white tea is made by simply drying freshly picked tea leaves in order to retain their purity. To this we have added with Fairtrade ginger and the warm flavours of a pear tatin dessert.

My opinion:
I was quite excited to try this as I have never come across tea which is a dessert flavour and I sure do love desserts! I really liked the taste of this although it was a bit unusual and probably a bit of an acquired taste. The main taste was of the pear but there were also hints of ginger but they weren't overpowering. I put sugar in mine, despite it being fairly sweet already, as I have a proper sweet tooth.

What they say:
We have taken a high quality second flush Fairtrade Assam, grown on the banks of the Brahmaputra River, and the spices traditionally used to make an Indian Masala Chai and blended them together with creamy vanilla to create a thick and rich brew.

My opinion:
I had tried vanilla chai tea once before this and I really disliked it so I was a bit reluctant to try this one. But I did find this quite nice. The first one I tried was much too strong and I drank it without milk or sugar but this time I made it quite milky and it turned out to be really warming and a great drink to have before bed.

What they say:
Fairtrade Hibiscus gives this infusion its bright red colour and a light acidity which complements the naturally sweet flavour of raspberry; to this we have added a touch of fiery chilli which gives this blend a subtle kick.

My opinion:
I only got to try one cup of this as my sister came across it and drank all of it. I drank mine chilled which was nice but it does have quite the kick in it from the chilly - for me anyway. Other than that it is a nice rich flavour and great for people who like herbal tea.

What they say:
A blend of bright and flavoury Fairtrade teas from Ceylon and the Nilgiris in South India. Nilgiri means Blue Mountain and is the dividing ridge which runs north-south between Kerala (to the West) and Tamil Nadu. To this, we have added natural bergamot to give the blend a refreshing citrus aroma.

My opinion:
I really liked this tea. I don't usually drink Earl Grey but this tasted really nice. It's a bit fruity but not too different from the breakfast tea so it is good for people, like me, who are branching out in their tea drinking but don't want to go too adventurous yet.

Also the lovely people at London Tea have given me a discount code to share with you all to get 20% off your first order in their shop
Discount code: londontea

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Friday, 22 August 2014


Recently my family and I went on holiday to Wales. For the first 3 days we stayed in Fishguard then for the following 2 days we stayed in Mumbles which is a town right next to Swansea.
Although Fishguard wasn't a huge place, it had some really nice little shops, amazing views and a wide array of pretty, colourful houses so I did enjoy staying there and mooching around the town.

In order to get to the harbour we had to walk down (and then back up later) a massive hill. Despite the walk being very tiring, the views were stunning.

 #nomakeup #nofilter ;)

Took a smiley selfie by the water but my brother told me that I can't take a selfie smiling. So I decided to do a duck pout and I think the picture looks better for it (*cough*).

I loved this stone building with all the little windows. If I ever have a house I would love it to be stone with brightly coloured accents - like a bright yellow door.

Love the colour of this house! I have a bit of a thing for yellow and this house is so cheerful. 

Site of the signing of the peace treaty of the last invasion.

Then I ate a Wagon Wheel - such fun! But they are distinctly smaller than I remember them to be.

I hope you enjoyed this post and are enjoying the last of the summer.
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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Postcards From The Postcard Swap

You may recall that a while ago I wrote a post (you can read it here) asking if any of you wanted to swap a postcard with me. Surprisingly, quite a few people responded and I got sent a fair few and also sent a few as well. And then this post was born.
So, without further ado, I am going to show you the lovely postcards that I was sent and also share with you some great bloggers who you really should consider following and getting to know as they are pretty cool people.

I am being a bit sneaky in that the first two postcards of this post are ones that I actually bought myself. The one of the castle I got when I was at Hever Castle (which you can read about here) and the other I got when I went to the County Stores to pick up postcards to send and had to buy it. It's an old map of Somerset with some of Devon in it and South Wales and I can literally pinpoint exactly where I live on it as it shows a monument which is just a couple of miles from where I live. 

I was sent this adorable postcard - which is from Belle & Boo - from the lovely Hannah of Tea Three Sugars. You should totes go and check out Hannah's blog as she writes such great posts and is an all round lovely person. And she sends postcards which are not only really pretty but also have the loveliest stamps on them. 

I received this lovely little card from Josie of Josie's Journal. I love the little red bus on the front and it was nice to receive a card outside of birthdays or Christmas.

The lovely Gemma of Faded Windmills sent me this rather funny card as well as a letter. I was chuffed to get such a lovely card and she had gone to such an effort with decorating the letter etc and I was excited to send a letter back to her. I do so love sending letters!

I got this postcard from Charlene who writes the blog Tartan Mouth. I have been wanting to go to Scotland for such a long time so it was exciting to get this postcard and see all the little landmarks lit up.

I got this pretty postcard of a castle in North Wales from Laura of The Lardy Grub whose blog you should definitely check out. I love receiving postcards with pictures of landmarks but the only issue is that it seriously extends my 'to be visited' list!

This postcard from the lovely Kariss of Shy, Strange and a Little Bit Manic was the first one to turn up at my house. I love the picture so much and it has made me really want to go to Yorkshire. In fact, I might be going at Christmas - watch this space!

I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to go and follow the blogs I have mentioned! And if you're on a following spree, go and check out the ones in my sidebar too. 
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Also I just want to quickly thank everyone who very kindly sent me a postcard - you are all amazing and lovely!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Results Day

This is the excuse I had prepared in case of bad grades...

The last few weeks have been literally non-stop. The first weekend I was preoccupied with prepping for my friend's 18th and maybe spending a few more hours than necessary getting ready with a few friends. Then the next week I helped at my Church's Holiday Club - which is a children's club for a week in the hols where they have fun and games and lots of people get covered in gunge (thankfully not me!). Then I went on holiday to Germany for 4 days and we visited Cochem, Koblenz and Ruedesheim - which was amazing and I will be posting more about soon. Then I stayed at my auntie and uncle's and came back for A Level results day before I head off somewhere else tomorrow.
In essence, my life is chaos and I am trying to justify my lack of blogging.

Drosselgasse in Rudesheim - AKA the best street ever!

Anyway, before I bore you, I had better get into the main reason for writing this blog post and share with you my exam results related news.
So, up until today I felt relatively calm about results. I did feel rather confident about them - well, all apart from English Lit as I hated the unseen - and I knew that I had put a lot of effort into them so I didn't think there was much cause for concern. I had Cardiff as my firm choice at AAB and Southampton as my insurance at ABB and I felt quite sure I would be able to reach these grades.
As we turned up to get the results I felt a bit more nervous but decided to bite the bullet and go in alone to collect my results - I had arranged to meet friends but we were late and I didn't want them to see my disappointment if I had done badly. I then grabbed my results and quietly opened them, half wanting to run back to the car and open them there. Then I saw the disappointing reality - I had only achieved 3 Bs.
I had heard that the grade boundaries were horrendous this year but, for some reason, I thought that I would be fine.

An accurate picture of me looking at my results

My first thought was 'oh my gosh, I'm not going to get into any uni and have to go into clearing then end up studying something dreadful!'. I heard from my friends, that I thereafter came across, that their unis had replied to them. So, despite intending to go straight to my grandparent's for my auntie's birthday celebrations, we sped on home and logged onto UCAS in a frenzy.

This felt like a good life option

Then I came across something rather joyous which I didn't expect one bit - Cardiff had accepted me!
So, long story short, I am starting uni in Cardiff, South Wales, in September studying English Lit and German with a year of study abroad in Germany.

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