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Lavender Bags, Summer Job and Book Swap

Last weekend me and my sister ran a stall at our village's playgroup family fun day and I sold lavender bags which I had made. We didn't make a huge amount of money as it wasn't very busy (as some sneaky people planned a dog show and carboot sale on the same day in our village). However I am not deterred and it has made me want to run more stalls - maybe at a carboot sale or a craft fair. Also I have recently been considering opening an Etsy shop as I have been making little cushions as well and I have really got into it. Watch this space.

The mess we made pricing everything up.

If you saw my summer bucket list post (link here), you may have noticed that I hoped to find a summer job this summer (and have a stall somewhere) and, lo and behold, I have done just that - it really is rare that I complete anything that I write on my bucket lost, to be honest.
Anyway, my summer job is cleaning holiday lodges and, so far, it has been relatively nice. I love being able to go and do something and actually make some money to save for uni. Everyone I have met are really lovely and it is very convenient as it is just in the neighbouring village. So, good times, happy days.

I also bought some fun new PJs from Primarni. 'Fries before guys' will deffo be my new mantra from now on.

As well as lots of lavender bags, I have been making cushions. The first one I made was the red spotty one which I gave to my sister and then I made the smaller one in front of it which I gave to my other sister. Like all of the things I make, they have exposed stitching and are a bit rough and ready but I find that endearing. I think it is quite a romantic notion being able to see where the person who made it might have gone a bit wobbly on the stitching as you don't get that personal touch in factory made things.

I also took place in a book swap organised by Hayley of What Hayley Did and Beth of Beth Tinkerbell and I received a lovely book from Megan from Hepburn's Pixie Crop.
I was so pleased with the book I received as I haven't read anything by Virginia Woolf before but I have always been interested in her work so I am looking forward to reading this - I am currently reading North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell, just btw.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I, once again, apologise for the bad quality pics - my blogging camera is out of action as it needs new batteries.


  1. Love the cushions! Such talent!

  2. Great post I love the cushions especially the second one xx

  3. Those lavender bags are so cute! I'm terrible with plants, and my lavender has dried up. This might be a nice use for it. :)

    Emily ||

  4. Your crafty things are adorable- I think handmade, hand-sewn things definitely have an extra element of charm. Well done getting a job for the summer- it sounds like it will really help you for uni! xxx

  5. Those lavender bags are adorable.

    Congratulations on your new job!


  6. I'm so glad you're happy with the book! Enjoy it :) x

    Megan /

  7. They are so adorable. I always wish I had a talent for craft, but sadly, I don't! I'd definitely open the Etsy shop!


  8. Those lavender bags are so cute! Congrats on the job, it's so good to read that you are enjoying it too :D

  9. My goodness I love those Pjs! That shall be my mantra too :)


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