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Easy Creative Projects

Anyone who knows me, or my academic history (*cough* C in GCSE Art *cough*), will be able to tell you that I am not really an arty type. I do love art and creative projects but they always go horribley wrong and make me want to run into the V&A and destory every last shred of artistic talent out of sheer jealousy. Well, maybe I don't go that far but creative projects do always seem to leave me angry and bitter. However, in spite of myself, I have really got into one type of creativity. My room is currently full of handmade lavender bags and lavender hearts which I have made as I am hosting a stall at a fete this weekend where I hope to sell them. My sewing skills are atrocious but it is pretty easy so that is probably why I am enjoying it. It's a basic 'cut fabric, do a basic stitch, fill with lavender, complete stitch' kind of job which I can just about manage. And with no paint in sight I am sure artists nationwide can sleep easy knowing I am not out on an angry post-creative project breakdown rampage.
Anyway, I have put together a compilation of craft projects which I want to attempt and appear to be relatively easy.

How to make (don't judge - this website has quality ideas)

Please excuse the lack of links - I have managed to lose most of them.


  1. Great post! I really want to try the glow stick jar!

    Natalie xo

    Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  2. Love your post and this jar looks really great :)

    Love, Sara Wallflower

  3. Those marbled glasses are brilliant! I hope you sell lots of lavender hearts xxx

  4. I totally need to attempt making one of those glow jars. So cool! Thanks for this post; it helped reawaken my dormant crafty side.

  5. These are cute.


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