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New Look Spring Wishlist

I have to confess that Spring and Summer really aren't my favourite months fashion-wise. I like to wear loads of layers and jewel tones are my go-to colour range and I can't often find things that I like in the warmer months. Also I feel uncomfortable wearing less clothing - I am the girl who still wears jumpers and jeans in the height of summer because she can't bear to wear bare legs. It is probably all in my head but I do just like to wear high necklines and long sleeved items. I can deal with shorts and skirts as long as I can wear tights or leggings but I don't like how I feel that I should have to wear clothing I am uncomfortable in. Also, summer fashion is pretty much beyond me. If the shops came out with pretty, romantic pieces that make you feel like you are at one of Gatsby's parties with lots of lace and ladylike elegance, I would totally understand. But neon crop tops? Short shorts that reveal more than anyone wants to see? Luminous peach everything? Garish prints? Oh, no. Just give me 20s fashion or I will go back to Autumn.

This all said, I have scoured the New Look website and found some items which I think are quite nice and I hope you enjoy.

Floral Dress
I think that this print is so pretty. I like that it quite simple colour-wise and, of course, the long sleeves make it very good in my eyes.

Black Shirt
Although this shirt doesn't look much, I have tried it on in-store and it is perfect. it is quite loose and boxy but will go so well with some printed trousers or a colourful skirt. I am rather tempted to purchase it.

Red Jelly Shoes
I think these shoes are so fun! I love the colour and, although I don't think I would wear them everyday, they would be great to wear at the beach or something. Also I loved jelly shoes as a kid so going back to my youth.

Tan Flats
Last summer I wore my moccasins almost every day and I really need to invest into some new ones - they kind of got finished off by the last barn dance I went to.

Tartan Dress
I am a big fan of tartan and check prints and I think this dress is really pretty. Although I don't tend to go for sleeveless items, this was too nice not to include.

I don't tend to wear backpacks but the ones in New Look recently have been too good to miss out on. I love the colour of this one and the crochet detail is so pretty.

Jacquard Dress
A month or so ago my best friend found this lovely dress when we were mooching around in New Look and I have to agree that the pattern in so nice and anything with a collar is good in my books.

Dolly Shoes
I am obsessed with these kind of shoes and I have been so tempted to get some from Topshop but these are much cheaper and look so nice as well.

Zebra Shirt
I think this shirt would look so cute on a day out to the zoo or just anywhere really. I love the little zebras on it and it looks a nice shape.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to hear which item is your favourite.


  1. Jelly shoes are so fun!,uk

  2. Love the dolly shoes, and the tartan dress; the check reminds me of picnic rugs (which are one of my favourite things about summer!) xxx

  3. I don't shop at New Look that much, but these items are so cute! xx

  4. Totally with you on this hun! I am so rubbish at summer! Give me boots and a jumper any day!

    That said, you've picked some gorgeous pieces there!! Love that shirt, and the cute bag, yep, I can see myself stuffing a note book and pen, maybe a camera and a good book in there and hauling butt down to the beach :)

    Faded Windmills

  5. Though I love the pretty pastels of the warmer months, I admit that it is easier for me to be more creative with my outfits during cooler months. I layer a lot, too, and I don't own many dresses that I can just throw on without any accessories/etc. And ugh, short-shorts and crop tops are very annoying! I don't think that the stores realize that there are a lot of people who don't want to walk around looking like a highlighter!
    Anyhow, my favorite item would have to be that first dress. The print is beautiful and so is the style. However, I cannot resist a pair of jelly sandals, especially in cherry red.
    Have a nice week! xx Tessie

  6. I love the simplicity of outfits in summer but then with the british weather you always have to think about extra layers! toying over the idea of jelly sandals, they look so damn comfy! xx


  7. Such cute items! I love the dolly shoes <3

  8. I completely agree with you about spring and summer fashion versus autumn and winter fashion - I just feel more 'me' in darker colours and with more layers on! This wishlist is gorgeous though. The jacquard dress is such beautiful colours and I love the collar. I also have been lusting after dolly shoes for ages - I think I'll need to pop into New Look to check these out.



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