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Bonjour, French Food!

Bonjour, French Food Box, £31*

I was recently lucky enough to be sent a box of food - always a happy time in anyone's life - from the lovely people at Bonjour, French Food.
Bonjour, French Food offer a subscription for a monthly box of French food and they also have a booklet saying what each thing is (for the linguistically impaired, such as myself) and also sharing some nice recipes and the website for each product so that you can buy more if needs be.
I was rather astonished when it arrived as I didn't expect quite so big a box. It wasn't huge but I did struggle trying to juggle the box with the electronic thing I had to sign. And when I opened it up, I wasn't one bit disappointed.

These delicious little caramels were the first things my eyes fell upon and, believe me, they were gone in a matter of minutes. They were absolutely delicious!

I also received a small jar of chilli powder which we have loved using in curries and such like. 
As well as a tuna terrine which, as we don't love fish, we gifted to my auntie and she reported back saying how much she enjoyed it.

The box also contained a lovely Cassoulet, which is like a casserole with duck and haricot beans. I am yet to try this but my brother tried it and said that it was really good.
I also received this lovely little confit of caramelised onion and chilli which was so lovely and we had it with pizza and salad. 

Overall if you love France and want to learn more about their cuisine, pop over to the 'Bonjour, French Food' website and have a look at what they have to offer. 


  1. This looks so good! I love trying new food - but this box sadly wouldn't work for me because I'm veggie. xxx

  2. Oh my god! Could they just send me french cake and baguettes? That is all I need.

    Emma x

  3. How fun! I'm so jealous of this box of goodies!

    Tightrope to the Sun


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