Thursday, 29 May 2014

Topshop Summer Wishlist

Topshop never fails to impress me. Although, admittedly, I cannot shop there often due to a lack of funds, and my increasingly unsuccessful quest to find a patron to support my shopping habits, but when the money does roll in you, you can count on me to be running frantically towards my nearest store.
So, I have put together some of my favourite things they have in at the moment. Although I am not a big fan of summer fashion, they do have some nice pieces in.

Although I don't tend to wear many sleeveless items, I think that this is so pretty. I think that grey is always a good option and seems to suit everyone. This dress is, to me, quite summery without being neon pink and covered in garishly over-pixelated flowers and palm trees.

I will be the first to put up my hand and admit that I am a satchel fiend. They look so cute and geeky but also go with everything. I really like this colour ,although it isn't my usual choice of black or tan, it is quite subtle. I also love that it has a sizeable top handle and I have been carrying everything by top handles recently.

I was drawn to this as the colour is quite vivid, it has sleeves and the smock shape would be nice for summer evenings. 

Daisy Overlay Dress
This dress is so pretty. I can imagine reclining back in the balmy summer sun sat beside a bubbling stream on a tartan rug eating strawberries. Ok, so maybe that is slightly over-ambitious given the track record of British summers but, you must admit, this dress is very summery and pretty.

I think I have included these in a post before but, what can I say, I am smitten. They are so pretty and I am rather desperate to snap them up. They remind me of little doll shoes that a Victorian child would put on their doll - as I type this I have Adele from Jane Eyre in mind. 

Check Smock Dress
Another smock dress and, alas, more checks. Once again a good option for summer evenings and I am currently mad for checks as they look so edgy but also quite vintage.

I first saw this on my friend Miriam's blog in which she styled it beautifully (click to see the post here) and I had to include it. Although the straps, I don't think, would be flattering on me, it's a lovely dress - especially if you are going somewhere warm and you want to look stylish as you recline beside the pool.

I am always the girl who wears trousers all year round and I think these would make a nice change to jeans. With an oversized top or a pretty shirt, these would look really nice.

Floral Shirt
I really like the subtlety of this shirt and I think it would go well with so many different things.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Collective Haul: May

So, in true blogger style, I am opening with an apology about the lack of posts recently. I have had exams and have tried to spend every waking moment revising. Fortunately I don't have another exam for about 10 days so I have decided to grab this moment of freedom from revision to bring to you a haul post which I have been intending to write for a while now.
Recently I have been very fortunate to have a won a book review competition in which I reviewed The Great Gatsby (you can see my review here) and, therefore, I received an Amazon voucher to buy lots of books with. So, today I have some of the books to share with you as well as some other things I have picked up over the last couple of months - most of which are from car boot sales (one of my favourite places to go) and charity shops.

Some of you long term readers may know of my obsession with both antiques and tins and thus be able to appreciate how much I love this. It is a State Express Cigarette tin with a Little Bow Peep design. It is made of tin and is wooden inside. I would put it at being from around the 50s or 60s, which is the age of most tins by this brand, but I cannot find anyone online who knows the exact date that these were produced.
I picked this up for £3 at a car boot sale, which was very good luck. I was with my sister and I told the lady on the stall I really liked the tin 'not that I encourage smoking'. 

At the same boot sale I picked up these two books. I got 'Nocturnes' by Kazuo Ishiguro as 'Never Let Me Go' has been on my TBR list for ages since I saw the film and I am certain anything by this man will be amazing. I also got 'Crime and Punishment' as it is just one of those books that I feel I should own.

Another thing people may or may not know about me is that I collect old books - I know, rock'n'roll lifestyle. So, a few weeks ago I returned home and my mum said she had a surprise for me. She had bought me these two gorgeous books from a charity shop. One is a German dictionary from the 1930s and the other is a copy of Canterbury Tales which has also been on my TBR list for forever. 

I then went onto Amazon and made a few purchases...

I picked up 'Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained' as this seems to be one of those books which every English Lit student has to read. However it is all in poetry form (a bit like The Rime of the Ancient Mariner) which may be a struggle. I also got 'North and South' as I have heard so many people raving about this book. 

I bought a copy of 'Der Besuch der Alten Dame' (The Visit of the Old Lady) by Duerrenmatt as I have read 'Die Physiker' (The Physicists) by him and found it really interesting and my German teacher said this was his most famous play so I have decided to give it a go - wish me luck! For some slightly lighter reading, comparatively, I got Miranda Hart's book which I am so excited to read as she is so funny.

Two books that I feel quite embarrassed not have yet read: 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' and 'The Fault In Our Stars'. Anyone who hasn't been living under a rock recently will be able to guess why I have bought these - I have not met a single person who doesn't recommend these.

I picked up Caitlin Moran's book as my best friend has read and wholly recommended it - my first proper feminist book *yay*. I also got 'The Book Thief' as everyone says it is great and I love Germany and I love reading different viewpoints about the war (anyone see Generation War? I loved it - but it was v. depressing and didn't depict Polish people in a hugely complementary light which wasn't hugely accurate in this area). But I opened up the book and, as I know some German, I read one bit where the words were in German and it contained a few swear-words (tut tut)

I picked up this DVD of the BBC adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma which is my second fave of her works - obviously P&P is my favourite! Also I am slightly in love with Jonny Lee Miller.

I won these two items in the aforesaid competition run by Distinctive Chesterfields who make lovely chairs and sofas.

I picked up this oversized stripy tee from Primark as I had nothing summery to wear and really liked this - it is very basic and casual but nice for £3.50.

I am sorry this post has gone on for a bit but I hope you enjoyed it. I have enjoyed writing a chatty post.
Also, just as a side note, it was my birthday yesterday and I was wondering if you would like to see a 'what I got for my birthday' kind of post? If you do, please let me know.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Bonjour, French Food!

Bonjour, French Food Box, £31*

I was recently lucky enough to be sent a box of food - always a happy time in anyone's life - from the lovely people at Bonjour, French Food.
Bonjour, French Food offer a subscription for a monthly box of French food and they also have a booklet saying what each thing is (for the linguistically impaired, such as myself) and also sharing some nice recipes and the website for each product so that you can buy more if needs be.
I was rather astonished when it arrived as I didn't expect quite so big a box. It wasn't huge but I did struggle trying to juggle the box with the electronic thing I had to sign. And when I opened it up, I wasn't one bit disappointed.

These delicious little caramels were the first things my eyes fell upon and, believe me, they were gone in a matter of minutes. They were absolutely delicious!

I also received a small jar of chilli powder which we have loved using in curries and such like. 
As well as a tuna terrine which, as we don't love fish, we gifted to my auntie and she reported back saying how much she enjoyed it.

The box also contained a lovely Cassoulet, which is like a casserole with duck and haricot beans. I am yet to try this but my brother tried it and said that it was really good.
I also received this lovely little confit of caramelised onion and chilli which was so lovely and we had it with pizza and salad. 

Overall if you love France and want to learn more about their cuisine, pop over to the 'Bonjour, French Food' website and have a look at what they have to offer. 

Saturday, 17 May 2014

25 Before 25

I have decided to put together a kind of bucket list but as 30 is quite a way off, I have lowered the age to 25. I hope you like the things I have picked.

1. Watch a film at Somerset House
2. Become fluent/almost fluent in German
3. Dance in the rain
4. Attend a Jane Austen event in Bath

5. Visit Chatsworth House
6. Visit Munich
7. Go on a proper night out (sad, I know...)

8. Visit Paris
9. Attend a blogger event
10. Have a German pen pal

11. Learn to waltz
12. Learn to play Schubert's Swan Song and Dawn by Marianelli on the piano (slightly hopeful as I can't play the piano)

13. Read everything by Jane Austen
14. Own a German Bible
15. Be in the audience of an episode of Question Time
16. Publish something
17. See a German play performed (perhaps something by Duerrenmatt)

18. Make tiramisu
19. Visit Martin Luther's house in Wittenberg

20. Go to Stratford-upon-Avon
21. Go on a date

22. Add to collection of antique books
23.Volunteer in a National Trust property

24. Take part in a protest 
25. Write a letter to open in 10 years

I hope you enjoyed this and I would love to know if you have a list like this or what you would like to do before you hit 25 or another age. 

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

I was recently contacted by the lovely people who are running this campaign and, of course, I was really eager to get you guys all in on this as it is for such an important cause and what better medium is there to support it than through buying clothes?
You can have a look at the ins and outs of it over on their page and I urge you all to get the button to put on your blog to spread the word.
So, Fashion Targets Breast Cancer have teamed up with lots of great clothing brands like Topshop, H! by Henry Holland and River Island to offer a range of gorgeous clothing which donate a minimum of 30% of charity.
I have chosen some of my favourite pieces which I hope you all like and, once again, be sure to check out their page for links to all the items.

For all product info, check out the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer page.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Magazine Inspiration Pt 1

I am the kind of person who hoards magazines. I love flicking through old ones and drawing inspiration from my favourite shoots - which is something I generally do at the turn of the season to get an idea of what to start wearing again. Therefore I have scoured through my magazines and taken pictures of some of my favourite outfits to gain inspiration for Summer.
These pictures are mostly taken from Bazaar, Look and Company.

I would to know which look is your favourite.
I really like the shot on the second collage that is middle, far left of that pretty dress twirling and the misty look with the light coming through it.
You can also come and chat to me on Twitter night or day at @TheEmeraldDove.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

2014 Bucket List: Review

A while back I posted a bucket list of things I want to do in 2014 and I have decided to take a look at them and see how far I have got.

Write in my diary every day Failed
Take a picture in a photo booth with my friends 
Receive red roses - even if I send them to myself If anyone feels like they want help me out, just email me ;)
Visit London
Attend a blogger event Planning to attend one or even organise one
Make jam
Make a tiramisu
Own a copy of the Bible in German

Read the Harry Potter series in German
Read at least 3 C.S Lewis books
Write bible verses onto sticky notes and leave them around town
Buy someone a present for no reason Gave my mum those I Promise cards
Find a German pen pal Any takers?
Learn some Latin
Travel abroad Currently planning a holiday to Germany
Attend a barn dance

I hope you enjoyed this post.
How are your plans for 2014 going?

Saturday, 3 May 2014

New Look Spring Wishlist

I have to confess that Spring and Summer really aren't my favourite months fashion-wise. I like to wear loads of layers and jewel tones are my go-to colour range and I can't often find things that I like in the warmer months. Also I feel uncomfortable wearing less clothing - I am the girl who still wears jumpers and jeans in the height of summer because she can't bear to wear bare legs. It is probably all in my head but I do just like to wear high necklines and long sleeved items. I can deal with shorts and skirts as long as I can wear tights or leggings but I don't like how I feel that I should have to wear clothing I am uncomfortable in. Also, summer fashion is pretty much beyond me. If the shops came out with pretty, romantic pieces that make you feel like you are at one of Gatsby's parties with lots of lace and ladylike elegance, I would totally understand. But neon crop tops? Short shorts that reveal more than anyone wants to see? Luminous peach everything? Garish prints? Oh, no. Just give me 20s fashion or I will go back to Autumn.

This all said, I have scoured the New Look website and found some items which I think are quite nice and I hope you enjoy.

Floral Dress
I think that this print is so pretty. I like that it quite simple colour-wise and, of course, the long sleeves make it very good in my eyes.

Black Shirt
Although this shirt doesn't look much, I have tried it on in-store and it is perfect. it is quite loose and boxy but will go so well with some printed trousers or a colourful skirt. I am rather tempted to purchase it.

Red Jelly Shoes
I think these shoes are so fun! I love the colour and, although I don't think I would wear them everyday, they would be great to wear at the beach or something. Also I loved jelly shoes as a kid so going back to my youth.

Tan Flats
Last summer I wore my moccasins almost every day and I really need to invest into some new ones - they kind of got finished off by the last barn dance I went to.

Tartan Dress
I am a big fan of tartan and check prints and I think this dress is really pretty. Although I don't tend to go for sleeveless items, this was too nice not to include.

I don't tend to wear backpacks but the ones in New Look recently have been too good to miss out on. I love the colour of this one and the crochet detail is so pretty.

Jacquard Dress
A month or so ago my best friend found this lovely dress when we were mooching around in New Look and I have to agree that the pattern in so nice and anything with a collar is good in my books.

Dolly Shoes
I am obsessed with these kind of shoes and I have been so tempted to get some from Topshop but these are much cheaper and look so nice as well.

Zebra Shirt
I think this shirt would look so cute on a day out to the zoo or just anywhere really. I love the little zebras on it and it looks a nice shape.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to hear which item is your favourite.
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