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Q&A With Hope of Lovely Travels

Recently the wonderful Hope of Lovely Travels messaged me asking if I would like to do a Q&A on her blog and, of course, I was really excited to do so. I then asked her if she would like to return the favour and, alas, you have this post before you.
Hope is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in America and writes about her travels and life studying abroad and within the US. Her blog is really good and well worth a read- especially if, like me, you have the 'travel bug'.

Hope at the top of Primrose Hill 

1. What are your travel essentials?

People always say to bring good walking shoes when you travel so I usually go straight for my favorite pair of tan boots. Also, because I always seem to carry a lot around with me, I usually bring a leather back pack instead of a purse to give me more space. Lastly, I always wear layers and have my phone or Nikon camera handy (you'll never know when the opportunity for a picture will come up!). 

Tiber River in Rome

2. If you had to live in another country, where would you want to live?

After studying in both Italy and England, I would have to say that I would realistically choose England to live in. I like the vibrant, fast pace in London and love that the coast is just a train/bus ride away. Opportunities seem endless when you are in a city like London.

Italy is gorgeous and an amazing place to visit but my personality just isn't made to relax that often!

Hope on the coast of Italy

3. Where is your favourite place to shop?

At home, in the United States, I like to shop at Forever 21 and h&m. Since being here in London, I have become obsessed with Primark and River Island (sale section)! I love finding bargains and can never bring myself to spend a lot on one piece. I also really want to get into buying vintage but never know where to start once in a vintage shop.

Street art in East London

4. What would your ideal hotel be like?

As a student I find myself always staying at hostels, but if I could splurge I would find a hotel that is a little outside of the center of the city. I like to be in neighborhoods that have more locals than tourists (if possible). I also would look for a smaller hotel that focuses more on quality than quantity.

 Big Ben

5. Where is the worst place you have ever traveled?

I try to always find the best in places that I visit, but my least favorite has been Cinque Terre, Italy, which is made up of five small towns on the coast of Italy. 

I think my dislike was mostly due to the fact that I built it up in my mind to be full of locals and Italian culture...and that is not what Cinque Terre is. It has beautiful views and lots of restaurants but it is full of tourists. Not only that but because of poor weather that happened the week before I arrived, the trails in between each of the towns were blocked off so we had to take the train a lot..and I mean a lot! 

Be sure to check out Hope's blog and keep an eye out for my Q&A over there!

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