Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The TMI Tag

I have seen this tag done by many people and have always thought that it would be a fun one to do so when I saw that Stephanie from Love, August had done this tag I decided to give it a go.
Brace yourself for learning more about me than you would like..

1// What are you wearing? 
Burgundy jumper, New Look jeans.

2// Ever been in love? 
There are times I thought I may have been but I don't think I have really been.

3// Ever had a terrible breakup? 
No - you would need a boyfriend to have one of those with. ;)
4// How tall are you? 
5'4" which is ok but I do find it difficult to find jeans which aren't too long.

5// How much do you weigh? 
Erm... more than a dog, less than a hippo (I hope!).

6// Any tattoos? 
No, I have a very low pain threshold.

7// Any piercings? 
Nope, none. Too painful! 

8// OTP? 
I had to google what this meant - cool kid that I am. I think Darcy and Lizzie are great together and Emma and Knightley. 

9// Favorite show? 
Miranda is amazing but I also adore Downton Abbey. 

10// Favorite bands? 
Hmm, I don't listen to many bands. The Band Perry are good but I tend to listen to solo artists like King Charles and Taylor Swift.

11// Something you miss? 
Being at school with all my buds.

12// Favorite song? 
I love Ivory Road by King Charles and I'll Be by Edwin McCain.

13// How old are you? 
I'm 17 but will be 18 in a couple of months (day before the elections - what luck!)

14// Zodiac sign? 
I always say Taurus but ti was on the edge between Taurus and Gemini. 

15// Quality you look for in a partner? 
I love intelligent people but I think that friendliness and kindness are probably the most important. I would also like to marry someone who reads and is Christian.

16// Favorite quote?
'So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past' is a great one in Gatsby but I am not sure what my ultimate fave is.

17// Favorite actor? 
I think Keira Knightley is really great and Jonny Lee Miller solely because he is Knightley.

18// Favorite color?
I like blue.

19// Loud music or soft? 
I tend to like soft, quiet music but I do also love loud music if I'm in a dancey mood.

20// Where do you go when you’re sad? 
To my bed? I'm not often sad so I don't really know.

21// How long does it take you to shower?
About 20 mins or half an hour. It's too warm to leave!

22// How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
About 10-15 mins. I usually wake up at 7:10 and have to leave by 7:25. 

23// Ever been in a physical fight? 
No, I would get beaten up so bad.

24// Turn on?

25// Turn off?
Too big muscles, when people are mean/racist/prejudice against my political and religious beliefs.

26// The reason you started blogging?
To meet new people and make friends. 

27// Fears?
Spiders are horrible. Eugh. 

28// Last thing that made you cry?
I don't really cry.. heart of stone 

29// Last time you said you loved someone? 
To my family probably. 

30// Meaning behind your blog name?
I first used The Neon Dove on Flickr as I wanted a fun but Christian name so when I made the blog I wanted to change it a bit so used Emerald instead as Emerald is my birthstone. 

31// Last book you read? 
Animal Farm by George Orwell and it was bliming good!

32// The book you’re currently reading? 
Pride and Prejudice as it is probably my favourite but I'm also reading The Great Gatsby for college.

33// Last show you watched? 
We watched Perfection at my auntie's - it's a rock'n'roll life.

34// Last person you talked to? 
My mum.

35// The relationship between you and the person you last texted? 
I don't text people. Hm, I'm really not sure. Maybe this guy I knew from school.

36// Favorite food?
Chocolate is lush and I love eating Tiramisu. Any pudding really. Trifle is scrumptious. 

37// Place you want to visit?
Munich definitely as it looks so pretty and there is so much history there.

38// Last place you were? 
My auntie's house - or in the car home?

39// Do you have a crush?
Erm, I don't think so.. 

40// Last time you kissed someone? 
I kiss people so often that I can't keep track... haha, no-one ever. 

41// Last time you were insulted? 
My brother called me fat in the car home. Haha, now he is documented for ever more as a bully.

42// Favorite flavor of sweet? 
Chocolate? Cherry is also nice.

43// What instruments do you play? 
None. I would love to learn the piano. Anne would have played if her health had allowed it

44// Favorite piece of jewelry?
I have a cross necklace that I love.

45// Last sport you played?
Haha, is shopping a sport?!

46// Last song you sang?
I have no idea. Probably a worship song.

47// Favorite chat up line?
I don't have one - they are so cringey!

48// Have you ever used it?
As I don't have one, I haven't used it.

49// Last time you hung out with anyone?
Hang out with the fam in the car.

50// Who should answer these questions next? 

And anyone else who would like to take part!


Sunday, 27 April 2014

Blog Sale

I have never done a blog sale before but I, personally, love to find bargains and I think that blog sales are often a great way to do this. It won't be a huge sale but I hope someone can find something they like.

The payments will be made through PayPal so please only make an offer if you have an account or are willing to make one. Also this sale is only for in the UK but if you are willing to pay a lot more for postage for something to be shipped abroad, I am happy to do so but be sure to let me know.

If you would like to make an offer on any of these items please comment with which item(s) you like and remember to leave your email address and I will get back to you.

New Look Bag - £5 (P&P £4)
Well loved - slightly starting to fray in a couple of areas but nothing hugely noticeable. Can fit an A4 folder. Front pocket, small pocket inside, large compartment. Faux leather. Handles as well as shoulder strap. 

Primark J'taime Boxy Crop Top, Size Medium (14) - £3.50 (P&P £3)
Worn once. Great condition. Boxy style with rolled sleeves. 

Matalan Jumper, Size 14 - £3.80 (P&P £3.50)
Striking blue colour, loose knit (thus semi-sheer), neck detail, slits on sides at bottom. 

H&M Jade/Teal Jumper, Size Medium - £4 (P&P £3.50)
Lovely deep jade colour. Loose knit (semi-sheer). 3/4 length sleeves. Only worn once or twice. Gap detail on shoulders. 

White speckled Lee Cooper T-shirt, Size 16 - £1.50 (P&P £3)
Hardly worn but needs a bit of an iron as I have kept it in my 'to be sold' bag for ages. Purple speckles. Good basic item.

Nivea Eye Makeup Remover - £1.50 (P&P £2.20)
I don't think I have ever used this. Great for sensitive skin and in good condition.

Maybelline Baby Lips, 'Peach Kiss' - £1.50 (P&P £2.20)
Only used once.

Maybelline Baby Lips 'Pink Punch' - £1.50 (P&P £2.20)
Only use a couple of times.

Accessorize 'Vintage Rose' Lipstick - £3 (P&P £2.20)
Hardly used. 

Chanel 'Mirobolant Swing' (shade 53) Lipstick - £5 (P&P £2.20)
Shimmery brown shade, used but still a sizable amount left. 

Natural Collection Lipstick, 'Rose Bud' - £1.00 (P&P £2.20)

Topshop 'Tease' Matt Lipstick - £3.50 (P&P £2.20)
Not much used, bright pink shade, still in box (although box is slightly unkempt) 


Saturday, 26 April 2014

Jewellery Storage

I decided to put together a little post about how I store my jewellery are I personally love reading these kind of posts and things like room tours are probably my favourite posts to read. If you would like to see more posts like this, be sure to let me know.

Although I am not a big jewellery wearer I have quite a few places where I store my jewellery - probably just because I have a bit of an obsession with storage and tins etc.
I firstly have my main jewellery box in which I keep my main items. I think I received this from my Nan a while ago and haven't really used it much up until now. Also, just so any potential thieves know, this is mostly all costume jewellery and nothing really is very valuable as far as I know.

Then for all my little bits and pieces I bought a this tin from The Factory Shop very cheaply just to shove everything in. You may have guessed that I used to be a big wristband wearer in like Year 9 (back when I was cool) so I have just plonked those in there.

Then for all my oldey-woldey costume jewellery I have this little box. It has a velvety inside and a nice leather effect outside.

I got this wonderful little box from an antique fair for £10 and I keep my two favourite pieces of costume jewellery in it.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to hear how you store your jewellery. Also if you want more posts like this - for instance, a makeup storage one - let me know.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Easter Swap

I recently took part in an Easter Swap which was very exciting and I have been looking forward to being able to share it with you guys.
The swap was run by Chloe of Reality Leaves Lots To Imagination and I was paired with the lovely Kariss who writes Shy, Strange And A Little Bit Manic.
I really enjoyed picking up items to send to Kariss and I was so excited when the package arrived from her. And I was so happy with everything I was sent.

I was pretty excited to find these Galaxy Caramel eggs as that is my fave chocolate and they were totally lush.

I was so happy to receive this adorable little nail kit. It is the cutest thing ever!

I feel like a proper blogger now that I have a pretty little eye palette. I really like the colours especially as I would be the type to only ever wear nude tones on my eyes.

This blusher is such a gorgeous colour and I love the little glittery sparkles. Also the packaging is so cute.

I got very excited about this. I am such a candle person and I love cherry. So, I am looking forward to lighting this.

Can't go wrong with a face mask - especially as these ones are animal friendly.

I am still slightly confused as to how to use this but I am excited to find out as I am one of those people who can't stand having dry hands.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I want to say a massive thanks to the lovely Kariss and Chloe for organising it.


Monday, 21 April 2014

Q&A With Hope of Lovely Travels

Recently the wonderful Hope of Lovely Travels messaged me asking if I would like to do a Q&A on her blog and, of course, I was really excited to do so. I then asked her if she would like to return the favour and, alas, you have this post before you.
Hope is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in America and writes about her travels and life studying abroad and within the US. Her blog is really good and well worth a read- especially if, like me, you have the 'travel bug'.

Hope at the top of Primrose Hill 

1. What are your travel essentials?

People always say to bring good walking shoes when you travel so I usually go straight for my favorite pair of tan boots. Also, because I always seem to carry a lot around with me, I usually bring a leather back pack instead of a purse to give me more space. Lastly, I always wear layers and have my phone or Nikon camera handy (you'll never know when the opportunity for a picture will come up!). 

Tiber River in Rome

2. If you had to live in another country, where would you want to live?

After studying in both Italy and England, I would have to say that I would realistically choose England to live in. I like the vibrant, fast pace in London and love that the coast is just a train/bus ride away. Opportunities seem endless when you are in a city like London.

Italy is gorgeous and an amazing place to visit but my personality just isn't made to relax that often!

Hope on the coast of Italy

3. Where is your favourite place to shop?

At home, in the United States, I like to shop at Forever 21 and h&m. Since being here in London, I have become obsessed with Primark and River Island (sale section)! I love finding bargains and can never bring myself to spend a lot on one piece. I also really want to get into buying vintage but never know where to start once in a vintage shop.

Street art in East London

4. What would your ideal hotel be like?

As a student I find myself always staying at hostels, but if I could splurge I would find a hotel that is a little outside of the center of the city. I like to be in neighborhoods that have more locals than tourists (if possible). I also would look for a smaller hotel that focuses more on quality than quantity.

 Big Ben

5. Where is the worst place you have ever traveled?

I try to always find the best in places that I visit, but my least favorite has been Cinque Terre, Italy, which is made up of five small towns on the coast of Italy. 

I think my dislike was mostly due to the fact that I built it up in my mind to be full of locals and Italian culture...and that is not what Cinque Terre is. It has beautiful views and lots of restaurants but it is full of tourists. Not only that but because of poor weather that happened the week before I arrived, the trails in between each of the towns were blocked off so we had to take the train a lot..and I mean a lot! 

Be sure to check out Hope's blog and keep an eye out for my Q&A over there!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter!

This isn't going to be a typical blogger Easter post because, as some of you may have guessed, for me Easter symbolises the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ so this will probably be a little less pastel toned and full of eggs.
Instead of having to read a long ramble in which I try to inarticulately present deep theological ideas in a short and snappy post, I have handed it over to the more than capable hands of an amazing sermon by Dr S. M Lockridge.
So, sit back and enjoy. Also, he has a rather great accent!

I hope you enjoyed this and if you want to talk more about faith confidentially you can always email me at or tweet me at @TheEmeraldDove.
Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Book Lover's Guide To Etsy Candles

There are two things I love in life and they are candles and Etsy so when these two things come together and conspire to entice me to spend my savings, I really have to share it with you.
My ultimate favourite site for candles on Etsy is at Frostbeard which I am dying to try out and, until you see this, I don't think you would imagine what kind of scents they have because they are truly amazing. 
Yes, that's right, you can buy a Dumbledore's Office scented candle which is said to smell of cedarwood vanilla, fireplace and lemon. 

They also sell Pemberley Rose scented which I can just imagine to be amazing and is rose, hyacinth and lilac.

 They also have Butterbeer which is a scent I think every HP fan would love to smell constantly and is said to smell like butterscotch, creme brulee and butter rum. 

I think every bibliophile wants to be immersed in the smell of a bookstore constantly so this Bookstore candle would be perfect. It apparently smells like timber, driftwood, hazelnut cappuccino and a hint of leather.  

I hope you enjoyed this post and my favourites from this site. Be sure to check the site out and have a look at the other candles. 
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