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Talk About Something You Feel Strongly About

As I have spent the entire day at college and was unprepared for today's 30 Day Challenge, I am sharing an old unpublished post/rant with you all today. I hope you enjoy it.

I recently stumbled upon this picture and it made me feel rather sad. I didn't feel sad because it was insulting or even because it may encourage further prejudice against Christians and sway people from knowing God but because I felt guilty for the way the Church may sometimes come across. 
I remember from Primary school being rather atheist, or as atheist as you can be at such a young age, and hating having 'religion rammed down my throat'. I didn't enjoy singing hymns and disliked rather a lot about Christianity and I think I would definitely have been the kind of person who would argue what the person who made this picture is trying to argue. We would recite the Lord's Prayer and learn the 10 Commandments which are the things I do remember but I also remember, not so much from Primary School but just in general, the kind of idea that if I misbehave I will die and spend eternity in Hell and that God is always there waiting for you to slip up. But I now know that God is not a Big Brother figure pointing out our flaws and if we that is so we're all going to be in a pretty bad position. I do wish that what I remember from evangelism of my childhood was that God came into our world in human form, died the worst possible death despite leading a pure life then rose again so that we did could enter into Heaven, despite being completely sinful and impure, and be welcomed home with open arms. 
This goes some way to showing how easy it is to perceive Christians as thinking themselves better than others if we learn through society, schools and everything else that Christians believe that if we aren't good we will be punished. 
Another thing I would like to point out is that Christians ARE NOT perfect. Christians are sinners. I find in life people say 'oh, why is so-and-so acting like that? I thought they were a Christian!' which is so wrong. As a Christian you do try to live an honest life but the truth is that everyone makes mistakes. Fundamentally through the Cross we are saying that we really are not good enough and without Jesus we have no hope of ever being good enough. We have all sinned. I remember reading somewhere that the 10 Commandments can only be a means by which we can see the need for Jesus and to humble ourselves because I have never met anyone who can honestly say they have never broken any of them. 
I also want to explain something else. Alongside this picture I also saw other ones which evoked the same kind of emotion of guilt in me. They read along the lines of 'Christians love everyone. Apart from gays'. I say with the greatest amount of honesty that I feel ashamed of how the Church has treated homosexuals and other groups within society. I know that some have acted in the name of the Church, and continue to act, with great prejudice despite this not being in line with the love of Christ and I can see how easy it would be to think that Christians believe themselves better than others when they act so unjustly towards others based upon certain characteristics. But I want to really emphasise that not everyone is like this and people should try not to judge God through what the Church does because the Church really is just a body of people who are no different to others in that we are all sinners.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it didn't offend anyone. I am not trying to convert anyone just argue my views. If you would like to chat more privately about faith feel free to email me at


  1. I'm not a religious person. I don't actually believe in religion. I do believe in God, I believe that there IS a power in this world, but religion, I feel is exploiting. I was raised a Hindu and I used to be fascinated by all kinds of religious myths, but that's what they are, just myths!


  2. Religion is such a hard topic to write about isn't it?! Sadly a lot of "Christian/Catholic" people who are meant to be all loving and caring are some of the most unthoughtful and bigoted people I've ever met. I'm not religious at all but I'm sure if there was a god he'd be all loving, non judging and welcoming for everyone regardless of color, race, sexuality and gender. It's also hard for me as a British person who know lives in the US with just how "big" religion is here - there are super churches the size of superstores and it just makes me think that I'm sure the money that paid for it would have been better spent on the less fortunate or helping the community.


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