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Reasons To Learn German

I thought I would put together a little post about something I rather like - that being German and Germany. Since I have decided to do a degree in English Lit and German, I often have to tell people that I am learning German and, as there are only 4 people in my class, it is evident that it's not a language us Brits are mad for. Whenever I tell people I study German and am planning to do my degree in it, they usually look an bit dumbfounded and some even say 'why?!' so I decided to put together this post to try to dissolve some of the misconceptions you may have about German. 

- It is in the same language family as English and many English words are derived from German
- It is the language of science, philosophy, theology and much more
- Most of 20th century theology is written in German

- German was the first language the Bible was translated into outside of Latin, Greek etc.
- The Protestant movement began in Germany
- Einstein, Beethoven, Mozart, Marx, Kant and Freud all spoke German
- German has the largest number of native speakers in the EU

- Germany has the best economy in Europe
- Sandra Bullock and Sarah Chalke can speak German

- Few people in the UK learn German
- It is a complicated language so employers will see your dedication and skill

- It is a very beautiful country with great Christmas markets
- Their cakes are amazing

- It's not so harsh a language as you think
- German people, in my experience, are very friendly
- Black Forest Gateau was invented there

- They have very good words which we don't have equivalents to in English
- Most of the fairy tales you know are from Germany

If you enjoyed this post then be sure to go and check out   Easy German on Youtube which is amazing and shares videos of talking to random people on the streets of Germany.

And Melilitona for German Disney songs translated (too cool).


  1. such a funny post! I don't think german is that bad, it sounds a lot like my language (dutch) so I feel like I have to stick up for it :D must remember 'waldeinsamkeit', so beautiful.

  2. What a lovely post and I loved some of the little pictures you included! It was a choice of French or German at high school, most people wanted to do French but I ended up doing German. I did enjoy it! xxx

  3. I, as a german from germany, love this post. It's nice to read about my own mothertongue in such a positive way, especially because we seem to have become so obsessed with english :D I also love that we have words like fernweh or like your example waldeinsamkeit :D

  4. I almost studied German at uni (got the grades then decided against going!) and my A Level class only had 5 people, which was such a shame in the scheme of things. It's one of my favourite languages, and always will be, da ich es so viel Liebe, und ich wuerde noch nach Deutschland fahren ;) (I haven't spoken it for over a year, hope that made sense!) Ich wuensche dir viel Glueck mit alles x


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