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Five Ways To Win My Heart

The first question on the Blogger Challenge is about how one could win my heart (guys, take note!). So I'm just gonna go ahead and list these as revision time is slowly slipping away.

Be smart
I would, of course, not even stop and think before I married someone out of love no matter how intelligent they are but there is something very nice about someone who is smart. Someone I could sit up all night and talk about books, religion, the state of the world, society etc (rock'n'roll lifestyle). I would hate to be with someone who wouldn't appreciate my comments on politics and current affairs - they would naturally then have to also be able to withstand my boring rambles (as I am making you do right now).

Be a kind person
I really can't understand people who are unkind. Why would you insult people and be hateful for no good reason? I would like the kind of person who helps old women across roads and would give money to the homeless instead of branding them all as alcoholics and drug addicts.

Be religious
As I am a Christian I would prefer to marry someone who shares these beliefs or is of another religion or is agnostic. Of course, I wouldn't rule out atheists but I don't think we would get on well. Also I would love to find someone who I can go to Church with and enjoy my life living for Christ with.

Be well read
Is there anything nicer than a guy who has a thorough knowledge of literature and can share his ideas with you? An evening spent discussing the meanings within 1984 or the satire of Regency society in Pride and Prejudice is one well spent.

Know a foreign language/be foreign
As someone who is hoping to do their degree in German, I do rather like German people. But I think knowing a language shows devotion and a want to learn about a different culture and way of being which is something I really respect.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to hear your five!
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