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Costume Drama Recommendations

I am not a huge film buff and I find it difficult to sit and watch a film as, unlike a book, you can't just put it down and then pick it back up again later on. However there are quite a few costume dramas that I really like and think that everyone should watch - brace yourself, we're going for the long haul!

Pride and Prejudice (2005)

I know this is controversial among P&P fans but I do see Matthew Macfadyen as Mr Darcy and I couldn't see Mr Collins played by anyone else. The scenery is beautiful (Chatsworth House - need I say more?!), the characters are true to the book without it being too long a film and the soundtrack is breathtaking. But I do like the BBC version also but the 2005 is always going to be my favourite.

The Young Victoria

Although historical evidence suggests that perhaps Albert wasn't as amiable as he is portrayed in this movie, I don't really care. You may know my love for German and people who may or may not have played Wickham in Pride and Prejudice so this is just perfection for me.

Jane Eyre (2011)

You may have noticed a theme in these recommendations in that they are set in the past and mostly adaptations of books. Jane Eyre is one of my favourites and I think that the actors for Jane and Rochester are very well suited to how they are described in the book.

Emma (BBC Series 2009)

I know this isn't a film but you can buy it on DVD in full so it is kind of like a film... It is amazing and made me fall in love with the book. Knightley really is the friendliest fictional character! I can't recommend this enough - it is so good.

Northanger Abbey (ITV 2007)

I couldn't find many good clips of this version of Northanger to share with you but this is my favourite adaptation and one which I would encourage everyone towards. Also the actor who plays Tilney is also in Austenland!


I recently watched this film and really enjoyed it. Despite the painful attempts at a British accent, I love this film and brings in lots of parts from Austen storylines and is great for the literary geeks among you who want to watch something fun, a bit more modern but also based slightly on literature. Also I can relate worryingly a bit too much to the character of Jane at the start. The best men are fictional. 
I know it is not wholly a costume drama but it kind of is.

Shakespeare In Love

I think this is a great film if you want to learn more about Shakespeare and try to visualise Tudor society and the background to Shakespeare's work. Also the actor who plays Shakespeare appears in many Tudor dramas.

Downton Abbey

This is an easy one to finish on as everyone knows that it is amazing and long term readers will know how much I love this drama. I love the characters, the storylines (although they keep killing off my favourite characters) and the costumes and settings are amazing.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to hear which films are your favourites.


  1. Interesting Post, I like the intro because I am the same person as concerning of watching films.
    Downtown Abbey is a nice series and really nice how they act!
    Jeanne D'Arc Bookblog

  2. Some great films listed in there, thanks for the recommendations!



  3. AHHH Shakespeare in Love is in my top 5 favorite movies. It is so so perfect. Riddled with sneaky Shakespeare references and honestly one of the best performances of R&J I've seen. I love it. And I agree with you about Matthew Macfayden as a perfect Darcy. He's my perfect Darcy for sure.

    Have you seen Marie Antoinette? It's one of my absolute favorite films. I could watch it on an endless loop. It's so beautiful. I think you'd enjoy it :) And also The Duchess with Keira Knightley!


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