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Choosing a Uni Hall

As is becoming quite the custom when I have difficult decisions to make to ask for your opinions, I would like to do a little post about the decision I am currently making about which uni hall to apply for and I would love to hear your advice.

So, I am currently trying to decide whether to apply for an all-girls hall or a mixed one.

I know that it might sound weird to even consider an all-girl's hall but here is my reasoning:
-it is right next door to my campus and is the closest out of all the halls so I can just roll out of bed and wander into my lecture
-it's cheap
-it is the most beautiful building ever as it is Victorian (see picture above) and doesn't look like a prison block like some of the others do
-it is said to have lots of international students
-lots of religious people go there (like myself)
-I feel quite self-conscious around guys and if I like someone I find it difficult to eat in front of them (yes, I am a loser)
-it has it's own gardens, common rooms with pianos and TVs and a music library but not a book one *sob*
-it will be quiet and I will be able to revise which is something I prefer as I'm not the going out type

But then there are the cons...
-it sounds a bit regimental
-they may be factional rivalry among the girls
-there are lots of rumours around this hall and people may think I am weird if I say that I stay there
-it's a bit boarding school-like
-you have to sign in and out
-I might miss out on important life skills that I would gain through staying in a mixed hall
-they use a tannoy to say when you receive calls or have visitors (...1984...)

I would love to hear your advice as I am really unsure what to do and I would love to hear people's experiences of staying in halls.


  1. I lived in an all girls house in my first year of university and it was awful. I chose it because I got my own bathroom, it was in a beautiful house, and because it was in a better location, but I wish I had gone for the mixed block! Far more social, not as much bitching, and more fun to be honest xxx

  2. I didn't know all-girls halls even existed! From experience I would pick the mixed halls. Before I went to university, I did not have much contact with guys and was very nervous around them (most likely thanks to going to an all girls school). However sharing first year housing with a mix of both girls and boys, really improved my confidence. Guys are generally easier to live with too, there is far less bitching and more just hanging out and having fun with everyone getting on :) I'm in my 2nd year at the moment and now live with just 3 girls and whilst it is lovely, I do miss having some guys around to have a laugh with and to help keep the peace when typical girl fights start! As for location, I lived about 15 minutes away from my campus and the morning walk to lectures woke me up far more than those who lived right next door to campus who had barely got out of bed and were still in their PJs. That building is really beautiful though :)

    Sorry long comment but thought it would be nice to share my experiences. Whatever you choose, I hope it all works out well and you have a really lovely time. University is great but where you live and who you live with can make or break the experience! xxx

  3. I lived in an all girls apartment for my first year (although I had mixed as my first choice and the block was mixed so there where guys around) and lived in a mixed house for the next three. I found it extremely bitchy and yeah, having guys around is fine by me, guys tell you how it is, they actually look out for you more than any of the girls I lived with and far, far more social. I lived about a 20 minute walk away from the library and most of my university buildings and I enjoyed that walk.

  4. Mixed- just go for it. The all girls place may not look like a prison but it definitely sounds like one.

  5. Mixed mixed mixed. Uni is a time of freedom and a time to explore. Any building that baby sits you as much as this girls hall sounds like it does is not the point of a first year out on your own. THe mixed hall will give you so much by way of new people and new perspectives. Breaking out of your shell will be easier with more variety around you encouraging that. Adventure is out there :)

  6. Hello lovely, I just came across our blog and it's awesome! :)

    I'm your newest follower and look forward to your next post!


  7. This is a tough choice but I would have to say go for mixed. This will give you the opportunity to get over your fears of being around the opposite sex. And everyone will be feeling the same, it is very daunting living with people you don't no. Also the signing in and out part, all the halls I've visited has had this :) Personally I couldn't stand living with just girls sometimes it's good to have a guy around. Hope this has helped :) Looking forward to hearing your decision. I'm sure if you chose the all girls halls you will have a good time too!!


  8. What a tough choice! There's benefits to both but if it were making the decision I'd go for mixed, simply because of all the rules the other one imposes. It might be good to break out of your comfort zone too! Good luck with whatever you choose :) xxx

  9. I think you need to really think hard about what you want out of University, what your priorities are and what will make you happy. However, I don't think you should rule out mixed halls. It sounds like it would be a really valuable experience for you to live with guys, and you'll probably meet a more diverse range of people by opting out of the all-girl's hall. Also the fact that it doesn't have a library sounds a bit worrying? It's your decision to make though, and I have no fears that you'll have an amazing time at uni no matter what! xx

  10. I would go for mixed. The pros for the all girl dorm look good a first, but the cons outweight them in my eyes. It seems very restricted and for me university is about personal freedom and meeting lots of new people, making new experiences.
    Regardless of what you choose I hope your university experience will be as amazing as mine :)


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