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30 Day Blogging Challenge

The lovely Aftab from Fresh And Fearless has recently been posting about a 30 Day Blogging Challenge which he is taking part in and I decided it look fun and I wanted to give it a go.
Yes, I know I am meant to be revising so I might have to do some sneaky scheduling or just miss a few days out but either way I hope you enjoy it.

The Questions
1. Five ways to win my heart
2. Something I feel strongly about
3. My favourite television programme 
4. Closest friends
5. A book I love
6. My favourite season
7. My favourite childhood toys
8. What I hope my future will be like
9. How important I think education is
10. Put your music player on shuffle and pick the first ten songs
11. Write about the last movie I saw in theatres
12. Five weird things I like
13. Somewhere I would like to move to/visit
14. Have siblings? Talk about them
15. Fifteen interesting facts about myself
16. My favourite Disney movie princess and why?
17. Something I am proud of
18. Top five dream jobs
19. Five items that I love
20. Something I will always think 'What if?' about
21. My favourite subject to study and why?
22. How have I changed in the last two years and why?
23. Something you miss
24. Five words/phrases that make me laugh
25. Somebody that fascinates me and why?
26. Name one place I would live to visit one day
27. A quote I try to live by
28. Ten people, dead or alive that would I invite to dinner
29. One thing I am excited for
30. My goals for the next thirty days

You can tweet me, if you would like, at @TheEmeraldDove. I always tweet about exciting things.. ha, blatant lie!


  1. Awwww, thank you for putting a little tribute in for me. I love it!


    Fresh And Fearless

  2. I really need to do more of these blogging challenges I find them so inspiring and great for when I'm stuck in a bloggers rut!



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