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Mini Break Packing: Little Mistress

I have always loved the idea of setting off on a last minute mini break with my significant other. Imagine coming home from a day of work expecting to just spend the evening doing the same old thing that you do every day - watching TV, eating the same old food - then suddenly your man presents you with the most amazing surprise. You have an hour to pack your bags, get to the airport and jump on the plane to Venice to spend the weekend in a romantic Italian boutique hotel.
Ok, this may not be how I am spending my weekend as I don't have a man nor the funds to travel anywhere but I have decided to compose a little post about the things that I would chuck into my suitcase if I were to be spending a weekend abroad via the brand Little Mistress.

I think that the black dress would be perfect as it is so versatile and the cap sleeves mean that it is easier to wear all the time and means that you don't get burnt shoulders which is horrible.

The white lace and navy dress I think would be lovely for the evening when it starts to get a bit cooler and you want to look nice but also keep warm.

I absolutely adore the colour of the grey dress and I think it would be perfect to go out for a meal in or if you were going dancing.

I think these lovely fitted black trousers would look really nice with this floral design top as it is nice to go for something a bit simpler when you're away and this would look fashionable as it fits in with the monochrome trend but it would also be movable in so if you wanted to go for a long walk you would be able to do so easily.

I thought these beautiful floral trousers would look great with this crochet-esque floral top as it is quite an easy outfit to throw together but is also really pretty and unusual. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to hear which items is your favourite.
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  1. I adore Little Mistress, have you seen their other brand Paper Dolls? It's fab�� x

  2. I love them floral trousers, the pattern is so pretty!

    Millie x

  3. Those floral pants are really cute! and the crochet top so pretty!
    Sofia x

  4. love the trousers!

    from helen at

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  5. Super cute. I love it when there is a mix of neutrals with cool patterns. Definitely my style.

  6. I am in love with that grey dress! I actually need it in my life xxxx

    Laura | Tease Flutter Pout

  7. These floral trousers seem to be perfect for this winter/spring transition!

  8. You choose some cute pieces for a mini travel for just a weekend

  9. Such a pretty choice. ;-)
    Lovely greets...

  10. The floral trousers looks fab! Xx

  11. I love the floral two set on their website.


  12. Hey. I just found your blog! It is totally amazing. Love your style!
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know!

    With love,


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