Thursday, 27 February 2014

I Promise*

I was recently asked to review a product from the company I Promise who specialise in thoughtful gifts for loved ones. The product I received was a pack of 3 cards each with a promise written on them to send to a loved one. These are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries or - what I would use them for - a Mother's Day gift. I gave mine to my mum and she really liked them - they're a lot more thoughtful than a box of cheap chocolates - and they are really nice quality as well.

You go on their website to create and personalise your cards and there are options of promises to choose from or you can make up your own.

You then choose an icon for each one from a range of adorable icons - I love the cake icon!

Overall these are great gifts and a really nice thing to give to someone, especially if they are very picky.
I also think that my ultimate favourite promise is the option of something like 'I promise to take you to Venice tonight' which would be such a heartfelt way to tell someone you are jetting off on a last minute trip - especially if it was a proposey trip *proposey eyes*.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Blogging Break: Revision

I know this may seem a bit premature but I have decided to stop blogging until I have finished my exams in June. I will be posting scheduled posts weekly which will be mostly wishlists and tags as I find them quickest to write. Then in June I will revert back to usual. This will mean that although I will be posting I won't be commenting on so many blogs or being so involved in the blogosphere. Of course, if you want to contact me use my email address and I will still be reading comments on posts.
The main reason for this is that I need to get AAB to get into my top uni but I am currently working at BBB so I really need to up my game and I have found reading everyone's amazing blogs has been rather a distraction.


Friday, 21 February 2014

A Thousand Years

Today I have a quite unusual and rather short post for you. I recently came across a song and video montage which I literally adore so much that I just had to share it with you.

Apparently the song is used in Twilight but I am no Twilight fan however the song is perfect on it's own merit in my mind.

I hope you enjoyed this and if you have any song recommendations I would love to hear them.
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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Store Credit Haul

I recently had a few items to return to some shops so that can only mean one thing - store credit! I had seen lots of post showing lovely things in Primark so I was excited to have a look around and grab some treasures as well as finally buying some new jeans from New Look.
Apologies for the gaudy pictures 
Here is what I bought...

I got these socks from New Look on the 3 for £4 deal (the other pair I gifted to someone). I call the first pair my 'love socks' which even I think sounds creepy and the robots were too adorable to miss out on.

In Primark I got this rather bargainous reed diffuser in Rose. I have heard that they are really nice and I thought that perhaps I could use it at uni to replace my much-too-dangerous-for-college-accommodation candles. But I am unsure whether reed diffusers will be permitted or not. Health and safety gone wild

I got one of these gorgeous wicker hearts for just £1.50. I remember everyone bought the white ones of these but I really love how the colour of the ribbon compliments the wicker.

(picture from the website)

I got this skirt for just £3 in the sale. It is shiny, kind of disco pants material, burgundy and very pretty so I had to have it.

 I then got this big canvas bag with my first name initial on it. It is quite large and great for carrying around stuff for work when I just need a casual bag.

Finally I bought my favourite skinny jeans from New Look which are the £9.99 ones. Although they turn your legs blue they are a nice fit and just easy to wear with everything.

I hope you enjoyed this haul and I would love to hear which items that I bought is your favourite!
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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Alibi Health Drink*

I was recently contacted and asked to review and exciting new health drink called Alibi so I naturally jumped at the opportunity as I was very curious to give them a go and I am a big fan of drinks which taste nice but are also good for you.
A few days later this box turned up on our doorstep which the postman couldn't even lift..

On the Alibi website, which I have to say has a fabulous design, it says this:

Alibi’s latest health formula is perfectly designed to support a busy lifestyle. Made with fruit juice, spring water and absolutely nothing artificial, Alibi steers clear all of stimulants such as caffeine and contains no refined sugar whatsoever.

Now with five times the vitamin content of leading vitamin waters and with minerals and herbal extracts, Alibi contains a total of 19 nutrients in each refreshing can, including 100% of the recommended daily allowance of essential vitamins such as vitamin C, D, B12. Complete with Fruit Up, which is an all-natural fruit extract that has a low glycemic index.

I received both the Pomegranate and Citrus flavours and, in all honesty, they really are quite nice! I don't usually go much for pomegranate but it did taste quite nice however the citrus one taste amazing. It reminds me of the flavour of Lilt but is also good for you. 
They are slightly sparkling which I like and the packaging I absolutely adore. The cans are quite tall and slim but they also feel different to normal cans - more like paper than metal. 
Also, best of all, they are only 99 calories each.

If you want to find out more about Alibi you can have a look at their video..

Or follow them at the following links..


Sunday, 16 February 2014

Secret Valentine's Parcel

So, I recently received a lovely parcel  through the Secret Valentine's swap which was put together by Laura from Tease Flutter Pout and Victoria from Vicky Blogs. The parcel I received was from Lisa of LisaTakesPictures. I was so excited to received the parcel and I really wasn't disappointed by what I received!

I was really grateful for this hair product as it looks great and my hair needs some TLC.

Ulysses has been on my TBR list for about forever now but I have never owned a copy so I was very excited when I saw this.

Who doesn't love face masks? They are amazing. Especially when they are chocolate orange flavour which is one of my favourite scents.

You may have guessed that I love lipbalm.. This one is a lovely peach flavour so I'm excited to use it.

I also received this pretty peace sign necklace - I love the colour of it!

I just ate this and I can vouch for it's deliciousness! 

I have been wanting to try these for the longest time but always felt awkward in buying a heart shaped box of chocolates for myself. 

I just want to say a massive thanks to Lisa and the organisers!
I am so grateful for all these lovely things and all the chocolate.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Mini Break Packing: Little Mistress

I have always loved the idea of setting off on a last minute mini break with my significant other. Imagine coming home from a day of work expecting to just spend the evening doing the same old thing that you do every day - watching TV, eating the same old food - then suddenly your man presents you with the most amazing surprise. You have an hour to pack your bags, get to the airport and jump on the plane to Venice to spend the weekend in a romantic Italian boutique hotel.
Ok, this may not be how I am spending my weekend as I don't have a man nor the funds to travel anywhere but I have decided to compose a little post about the things that I would chuck into my suitcase if I were to be spending a weekend abroad via the brand Little Mistress.

I think that the black dress would be perfect as it is so versatile and the cap sleeves mean that it is easier to wear all the time and means that you don't get burnt shoulders which is horrible.

The white lace and navy dress I think would be lovely for the evening when it starts to get a bit cooler and you want to look nice but also keep warm.

I absolutely adore the colour of the grey dress and I think it would be perfect to go out for a meal in or if you were going dancing.

I think these lovely fitted black trousers would look really nice with this floral design top as it is nice to go for something a bit simpler when you're away and this would look fashionable as it fits in with the monochrome trend but it would also be movable in so if you wanted to go for a long walk you would be able to do so easily.

I thought these beautiful floral trousers would look great with this crochet-esque floral top as it is quite an easy outfit to throw together but is also really pretty and unusual. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to hear which items is your favourite.
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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Second Hand Book Swap

I have a rather exciting post for you all today! I have decided to run a second hand book swap. So, basically everyone who wants to take part will be coupled with a person and will send your books to eachother. You will then get a second hand copy of a book (from a charity shop, an old one of your own, from a library sale or where ever you may find one) and enclose in it an inscription in the front of the book or a little card with a friendly message. You could perhaps send your favourite book or a book you have recently read and enjoyed.

How to take part

Comment below in this format:

Email Address:
Twitter handle:
Currently reading:
Blog address:

Then I will do a mass email to everyone who wishes to take part on the 20th February (which will be the deadline to comment expressing your wish to take part) and you will have to reply with your home address. I will then couple with another person who will be your swap partner.


-Under 16s must have parents permission to share email address
-Comment deadline is 20th February
-Book to be sent by 10th March
-You should do a blog post about the book
-Don't spend over £5 on the book
-UK only due to postage costs

I hope this made sense and I look forward to hearing from anyone who wants to take part.

You can tweet about the swap with the hashtag #EDBloggerBkSwap
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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Valentine's Wishlist

Before I go on I am going to clarify that I am perpetually single and am strong in the opinion that, although I wouldn't mind receiving chocolates, people shouldn't just be romantic to their significant other on Valentine's but all year round. Yet for the greater good of the blogosphere I have decided to create this wishlist to embrace this time of love rather than sitting alone in a duvet cocoon crying into a pot of Ben and Jerry's whilst the world is out with their special someone. *scans paragraph and tries to eliminate hints of bitterness*.

So, this is a list of things I think are great that are around at this time and would advise everyone to purchase. I do have a plan for Valentine's Day in that I am going to buy myself chocolate, wrap it up (maybe even post it to myself?!) and feel happy that I too have chocolates and I am not missing out on a chocolate based occasion.
Anyway maybe us singletons could just buy ourselves lovely things instead - in fact, I might get myself a bottle of the Prince Charming Shower Gel which apparently smells like Terry's Chocolate Orange and I am seriously considering getting that Darcy's proposal cushion - how I am going to manage at uni on a fixed budget, I have no idea!

Guylian Chocolates
Prince Charming Shower Gel
Valentine's Card
Engraved Mr Darcy's Proposal Spoon
Mr Darcy's Proposal Cushion
Lush  'The Kiss' Lip Balm
Ted Baker Washbag
C.S Lewis Quote Print
Kenzo Perfume

I also want to encourage you towards reading a lovely post my best'un wrote on her blog Musing of a Thoughtful Person  about the history of Valentine's and how it has been exploited by companies...(looks up at post above guiltily) and how everyone should just be loving all the time not just for one day.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to hear which is your favourite from the things I picked.
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Friday, 7 February 2014

The Long And Short Of It

Recently I have been thinking about cutting my hair into a long bob but I am not sure whether to take the plunge. I am getting tired of my ombre hair and think it would benefit from being cut and given a chance to grow back healthily. My hair is naturally quite wavy and thick and often frizzy so I think maybe a long bob may make my head look rather huge. I used to always have shorter hair but decided to grow it but now I am thinking of getting it cut again.
I would love to hear your advice because I really don't know whether to go through with it.

This is what my hair looks like at the moment:

And this is what it looked like before in a bob:

I do think my hair will look healthier but it will also be thicker as the weight of it won't be pulling it down.
I really would love to know what you think and which look you think is better.
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