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#ScrimperSaturday: My Spending Habits & Mini Ebay Wishlist

I am sat here at 11pm on a Friday night after spending the evening at my Church youth group talking about budgeting (I know how to rock and roll) and have decided to confess my shameful spending habits so that you may be able to learn from my mistakes instead of having to make them yourself (not that you will, I am sure you are much better with money that I am).

I tend to purchase things I don't need but don't bother buying stuff I do need. Yes, I still need new jeans but am I really going to go and spend my money on them when I could go and buy Galaxy Caramel or a new bag - no, I'm not. But this isn't good because I always end up frittering away da dollars and still need to buy something which I actually do need then you end up borrowing from your parents or delving into savings to buy necessities that you didn't want to buy but had to buy and did, at one stage, have the money to buy.

As well as this I buy into trends then never wear the items. I'm like 'oh, my gosh! How great those that blogger look in those yellow disco pants?! I need to buy some now!!' then when I get home I realise maybe disco pants aren't so becoming on your body shape and now you have taken the tags off they will lie forever in your wardrobe (like Ginny in the Chamber of Secrets).

I hope you enjoyed hearing my confessions and I would love to hear if you share any of these.
I will now share with you some beautiful Ebay finds.

I hope you enjoyed my picks of bags .
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  1. Those bags are so cute! But I have no money right now :'(


  2. The floral bag is so pretty! I know exactly how you feel as well haha. Though I tend not to buy into trends - I stick with what I know will suit me or make sure to try things on before I buy, but I never used to do that. And despite all of that, my wardrobe is still full of things I never wear! I'm planning a clear out but just can't bring myself to do it yet (it's still Winter!). I bought a new bag on Ebay last night, I'm terrible for Ebay because you can get some great bargains xxx


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