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Scrimper Saturday: 6 Money Saving Tips

I was very tempted to post another wishlist today but I have decided that I would stop myself from finding lovely items of clothing, which I will end up being very tempted to buy, and share with you my tips for saving those pennies when you are out shopping.

1. Only take the amount of money you need shopping. For instance, if you only want to spend £15 then don't take a £20 note else you will end up spending it all.

2. Keep tags on your clothes until you are actually wearing them because you can still return it and get store credit if you change your mind no matter how long it is after you bought it.

3. When you want to try new trends or move out of your comfort zone, buy these items from cheaper shops like Primark then you can go back to the higher end stores once you are sure you will get wear out of an item. I mean, I would be rather happy now if I had bought a full set of dungarees (with the legs etc) from Primark for £12 rather than from Topshop for about £45 as things become less fashionable so quickly.

4. Always buy what you went shopping for no matter what, else you will be spending a great deal for same day delivery when you realise that you didn't get a dress for that party which is the following day.

5. Look around all the shops before buying something which will cost most of your budget in case you see something that you prefer elsewhere.

6. Always try clothing on before you buy it. I know it is such a faff but if you buy something then find it isn't quite as flattering as you may have thought, you will have to take it back to the store within the next fortnight. That is where the problem lies for me - I am slightly lazy and then leave it too late to get a refund.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it will help you out.
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  1. These are such good tips! I am so so bad with my money!

  2. Thanks for the tips the perfect time of year to budget after the Christmas overspend

    Carrieanne xx

  3. I love these tips!! I never buy anything without trying on!

    Hope xx

  4. Definitely agree with number 3 about buying it from somewhere cheaper, especially with the pinafore/dungaree trend! I think having something to save for also stops the temptations, me and my sister are planning a holiday for next year and since we're doing it together we can tell each other when to not buy things and to save instead. xxx

  5. I try to look around but I never buy the things I wanted once I started my trip to the stores! Such a curse!

  6. Great post, I love these tips xx

  7. The first one is very true - whenever I take more than I plan to spend, I spend it all. No exceptions.
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