Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Moments That Mattered 2013

I just came across the amazing competition on Hannah's blog Away With The Fairies. She has teamed up with Lloyds Bank to British bloggers the opportunity to win an iPad Mini. If I were to win, which I deem rather unlikely due to the sheer talent of literally every blogger I know, it would be unbelievably great as I am starting uni in September but don't really have a laptop to work from (well, I have a netbook which takes half an hour to load anything) and, unfortunately, can't take the family PC with me.
So, all you have to do to enter is write a post about your best moments of 2013, which is similar to a recent post of mine, and check out Hannah's blog for more info and to enter.

I think my best moment of 2013 was starting this blog. When I first started it I thought I would have no followers but just carried on writing away and spending a lot of time planning posts and taking pictures. I'm glad I didn't stop blogging after the first month or so when I still had no followers and knew no-one was reading by ramblings. But I remember the first few people who started commenting and following and the immense value which their interest had to me. Even now I feel all warm and fuzzy in my heart when someone comments on a post or links my blog in their post. I love how I now have frequent people who come and comment on my posts and I see them very much so as my friends. I love how much blogging has affected my life and helped me to become a bit more confident. But, above all, I love all the friends I have made. I love that a have a wonderful pen pal called Emma who I would not have even known if I hadn't started this blog and so many others that I doubt I could count them on my hands.

As well as this, sticking on my theme of friendship, I have made some really great friends at college. Starting college in 2012 I feared that I wouldn't make any friends and me and my best friend didn't make any within the 6 months of college and felt rather lonely. But now we have made 2 amazing friends and all 4 of us are so close and I feel like I can really be myself around them. As well as this I was able to meet up with old friends from school and had such great times with them all.

Overall 2013 was a great year in which I was blessed with so many friends and without them I think my life would be rather dull.

I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to enter the competition - good luck to everyone who enters!
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