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New Year's Resolutions

Every year I write a set of resolutions or aims and most of the time I break most of them within the first week of January - especially if they are about eating less chocolate - and this year, I am sure, will be no exception. Yet I will still make them and hope that perhaps I will keep at least one of them.

Do more outfit posts
I always intend to do outfit posts but never get round to it so I think in the new year I will try to make more of an effort to do them more regularly.

Meet a blogger in real life
I feel like it is about time I met some people in real life as I love reading people's blog and it would just be such a great opportunity to put a face to a name and get to know everyone better.

Practice my German daily
I would describe learning German as the bane of my life if I didn't love it so much. And being very silly I have decided to do a degree in it (alongside English Lit) so I had better get practicing. 

File work into dedicated folders 
I have fallen into the bad habit of putting all my work into one big drawer and not into the folders so when it comes to revision there is a mass of paperwork to sift through in order to find anything - needless to say, it is not the best organisational method (*all universities withdraw offers*).

 Spend more time with friends outside of college
I have come to realise that I really don't spend enough time with my friends and as this is our final year before we all go our separate ways I think it is about time we organise some stuff to do on the weekends.

Read more 
I think for anyone hoping to do a degree in English Lit you can never read enough but the amount I have read recently has really fallen below par so I intend to buck up my ideas and crack open the books. 

 Try to become healthier 
Since leaving school many moons ago I have not done a huge amount of exercise and I have maybe eaten one too many Galaxy Caramels so I think I may have to try to eat healthier and do a bit more exercise in 2014.

Take up opportunities when they are offered
I fall into the category of person who gets offered something, thinks it would be nice to take up the opportunity then gets so worried that has to back out. So, it may be about time to stop worrying so much and do more things.

Try to read the Bible more often
Of course, I do want to read the Bible, it is just that I  have struggled to find enough time alongside college and everything. But, yes, it is important to make time.

Improve letter writing skills 
Poor Emma writes me the most beautiful long letter and I reply with rather monosyllabic answers which is something I need to address in further letters. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have a very happy New Year! 
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  1. Oh goodness! I love the letters you send! I'm sure they will get longer as we go along and more starts to happen :)

    These are great goals! 2014 will be great!

    Tightrope to the Sun

  2. Great post, Happy New Year, I love the photos and the GIFs especially the last one & good luck with your New Year resolutions xx

  3. We share most of our resolutions, haha! I hope you follow through this year!

    Happy new year, girl! Have a blast in 2014!


  4. All these resolutions are super lovely, excuse me while I copy them all ;) I really like the one of meeting a blogger in real life- so far I have met two and they were THE most fun girl dates!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  5. Happy New Year! These are some fabulous goals. :) I never make goals not to eat so much chocolate though. I'm setting myself up for failure. I figure, if chocolate exists on this planet, we should be thankful of it and eat it all up. ( sister questions my logic all the time. XD) I hope you do well on your goals!

  6. These are awesome goals. I am sure that you will be able to achieve some of them. Good luck.

    I want to meet a blogger in real life too but it seems I am the only one in my area. I makes me sad. I am also with you on alot of these. Lucky that you have a pin pal. I really want to make a few.


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