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A Parcel From Across The Pond

Recently I received a parcel from my wonderful blogging pen pal from the US - Emma of Tightrope to the Sun. It was about 5 minutes before my bus was set to arrive but I couldn't resist hacking it open and having a look at the glorious things I had been very kindly sent. And, as you may have guessed, I was rather happy with what I found and I would love to share this with you. 

It is lovely to have a pen pal who shares my love for literature and, even more so, my love for Jane Austen so on receiving this gorgeous copy of Northanger Abbey - second only to Pride and Prejudice in my favourites by Austen - I was really happy!  
The sweets I got were also amazing! When I was a kid sweets still contained artificial colourings and flavourings and now you can't get them for love nor money so I was super excited to get a dose of artificial additives - despite how bad for you they are. And the Pop Tarts were delicious! 

Also, rather importantly for a pen pal, Emma wrote me a lovely letter which made me feel quite guilty at how short my letters are - trust me, I am no Jane Fairfax when it comes to letter writing (sneaky Jane Austen's Emma reference there!). 

So, be sure to check out Emma's blog, which is amazing, and you can see what I sent her here.
I hope you enjoyed this post and you can also come and have a chat to me on Twitter at @TheEmeraldDove day or night. 
Just as a parting comment, I am almost at 100 followers on Bloglovin' (yay! thanks you guys!!) which I am rather happy about. 


  1. those watermelon sour patch kids look amazing! such a fiend for sour sweets!

  2. Yay penpals! I sent your Christmas Package yesterday. It may be a little late but it will be there soon :)

    Tightrope to the Sun

  3. i really need to try poptarts, everyone seems to love them! and Jane Austen is amazing xx


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