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I know that this is not the normal kind of thing that I post but I feel that it is important to share this as this is my blog and I don't want to conform to expectations but share things which really do mean a lot to me.
Basically I have really been feeling the peace of the Lord recently and this is something really big for me as I
have always been the one on the sidelines believing in God in my mind but waiting for it to fall to my heart and I feel I am now on the way to doing this.
For a long while I have felt quite distanced from God (through a fault of my own, of course). I have had my mind fixed upon worldly things and really have not made any time or effort to try to 'keep in touch' with God. I have not been wholly separated but I have just not felt close to a great extent at any time. But the last couple of month I have felt further than usual from God and I was just focusing everything on worldly things - such as university application and other things - and just making no time for God and not letting Him have any control through fear that my plans would get messed up and what He would want would be different to me (which I feel terrible writing but I have to be honest). So, at the height of this time I was putting things which really aren't important right at the top of my priorities and letting them dictate my emotions and outlook  - I just didn't feel very happy or peaceful.
Then last Sunday I went to Church and something seemed to change (rather cliche). I would describe it as peace. It is like you suddenly realise that all those things you thought were really important don't have the same level of importance or influence anymore. I can only describe it as that feeling of something being really important then it stops being important but it is not an emptiness but a freedom from the things which once had a big influence on you. A realisation that all those hours you spent worrying about things really were wasted and you feel thankful that you can now see it and won't waste more time. I feel like I was really at the height of my wandering then suddenly it all changed and this really can only be God-given. It is like God has removed the chains of worldly things which were holding me back and now I just feel much more happy and peaceful and it has just struck again a hunger to learn more about God within me.
I just wanted to post this so if you feel like I have been feeling you can see that it happens to everyone and I would just say if you are growing away from God just try to make time to pray and be with Him but don't feel guilty as everyone will have felt this way at least once.

I absolutely love this hymn and Owl City sings it amazingly!

I find this sermon amazing - and the guys voice is rather cool!

This sermon by Louie Giglio is quite long but if you skip to about 26:20 you will find a really inspirational testimony and, even if you aren't religious, you need to watch this. Trust me, it is funny and extremely moving.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I am really put my faith out there and I feel a bit afraid about posting this but I trust that everyone will be respectful (no-one is ever anything else). As a bit of a disclaimer, I am not trying to force my religion upon you and I don't want to offend anyone but I felt this was important to share. 
If you would like to chat to me more about faith in a more discreet way you can always email me at


  1. how inspiring! I am a christian and have been all my life I suppose, but I honestly don't feel like I could comfortably share my faith online like you just did. I have heard Owl City's In Christ Alone before and I honestly can't get enough of it, it's stunning! Thanks for a wonderful post x


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