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A Vintage Christmas Gift Guide

I am one of those people who like nothing better than a bit of vintage. You will often find in an antiques shop oohing and aahing at everything, collecting old leather bound books and scouring charity shops for hidden treasures. So, I can imagine that finding the perfect present for someone like me would be a bit difficult for a modern minded friend or family member hoping to give that one amazing present. Thus we have a vintage gift guide made entirely of items from the high street or not-too-high-end brands.

Although this coat is a bit pricey if you have a daughter or sister or someone you want to spend a bit of money on I would advise buying this gorgeous coat. Imagine this worn with a dark floral skater skirt, a burgundy jumper, thick tights, a satchel and a pair of brogues. 

I think this sweet little chalk board would be perfect in any bedroom and perfect for those who are a bit forgetful (guilty!)

You can always trust Etsy when looking for something beautiful and these opal earrings are no exception! I am a big fan of opal and these look amazing and are quite affordable as well. 

You may have guessed my love for Pride and Prejudice by now but just in case you missed it I thought I would share this beautiful little spoon with a P&P quote engraved into it with you all. 

I don't think you can ever go wrong with a good nail varnish and I love the pretty nude tone of this one and the affordable price! 

If I were looking for a nice bag to buy for someone I would probably get a satchel and I love the colour of this one!

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some inspiration for what to buy. 
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  1. Great post I love the coat, I keep looking at it on the New Look website xx

  2. I love the earrings, the chalkboard and the satchel!
    Great picks.


  3. I was really surprised to find that the coat is from New Look, it looks more expensive and it's gorgeous :) can't beat Etsy for gift shopping. I bought a hand stamped tea spoon for my best friend when she was expecting (she's had the baby last week!) saying 'eating for two xx'. There's a wonderful UK seller ( who sells them, and I bought mine from her :) saves on postage and ensures it arrives in time for Christmas! xxx

  4. thanks for the compliment! i am loving those opal earrings and that spoon! great choices!

  5. Okay everything in this post is lovely. But THAT SPOON! I need it in my life! I love Pride & Prejudice too. It`s too perfect


  6. You always find the best bags! You have wonderful taste :)

    Also question for you. I've started working on the literary magazine at the University of Utah and we are looking for submissions. I adore your work and would love to include it in the magazine. If you have any poetry or short stories (fewer than 2,000 words) you'd like to submit please please contact me or send your submission to Include your piece, your name, and your preferred method of contact. Your talent is too brilliant not to share. :)


  7. These are awesome gift ideas, I would especially love the coat, thats gorgeous

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird |




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