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50 Facts About Me

I saw this tag on Helena's blog (here: so I decided I would give it a go as I love to learn more about the people behind the blogs I read and I thought maybe you would want to learn some random facts about me too. I am unsure who started this tag so if you know please comment below or email me to let me know and I will give you credit for it in this post.

1. I can speak German relatively well - I can hold a conversation in it, at least.
2. I dislike eating meat - especially beef
3. I am studying English Literature, German and History
4. I was vegetarian for 2 years
5. I am a Christian and attend a Baptist church
6. The only musician I have seen perform is King Charles
7. I am a huge lover of classic literature
8. I live in a rather large (but incredibly lovely) family
9. The first classic I read was Wuthering Heights when I was 13
10. I dislike seafood
11. My middle name is Victoria which is the same as my Nan's middle name
12. I always order a Happy Meal in McDonald's despite disliking beef
13. I have never been to a wedding
14. My favourite books are Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre
15. I volunteer in an Oxfam bookshop
16. I abbreviate everything - I even call the table 'the tab'
17. I have a bad habit of adding 'licious' to the end of words
18. I went through a 'scene' phase in Year 9
19. When I went through my scene phase I wanted to dye my hair blue
20. I wrote my first story when I was 5
21. I am a feminist and support campaigns like No More Page 3
22. I am incredibly shy
23. I hate watching anything scary
24. I love eating chocolate with a cup of tea
25. I live in the countryside
26. I hope to study a joint degree of English Lit and German at uni
27. I love Galaxy Caramel chocolate
28. I have a sweet tooth
29. I love tiramisu
30. I love watching Miranda
31. I watch EastEnders every evening with my mum
32. I get really into festivities - especially Christmas
33. I spend 2 hours on a bus every week day of term time
34. My favourite number is 21
35. Emerald is my birthstone - hence the blog name
36. I don't tend to listen to a song all the way through on my iPod
37. I hardly ever use my phone
38. I have lived in 8 different houses in my life
39. I have never had a filling
40. I am afraid of the dentist
41. I get more nervous about the technicalities of exams than the exam (eg. where to sit)
42. I really dislike swimming
43. The smell of old books is my favourite
44. I have the weakest stomach ever
45. I hate the sound that chiffon material makes
46. I am really not a sporty person
47. I love watermelon
48. If I had a daughter I would probably call her Jane
49. The furthest North I have travelled in the UK is the Cotswolds
50. I don't like sandwiches

So, I hope you enjoyed this tag and be sure to let me know if you have done this so I can come and read yours! I tag you all to do this but, be warned, it is quite difficult!
Speak to you soon!
If you want to come and chat you can find me on Twitter under the username @TheEmeraldDove and my main name is Lauren.


  1. I like this tags :)

    I can't believe you don't like sandwiches Lol!

  2. Lovely to learn more about you :) there were a few where I thought, yep, that's me! But particularly number 41 - that is so me!! I get caught up in the technicalities of things too! I had an exam a week ago and I was more worried about finding my seat than writing the paper haha, I'm glad I'm not the only one :) xx

  3. Great post with a lot of interesting facts :o)

    Ina :*


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