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Haul - August - September 2013: Primark, Clarks, New Look

I have a bit of a problem. I wake up in the morning and somehow my legs take me to the bus stop and I, unconsciously, manage to catch a bus, arrive in town and before I know it I have my arms full of shopping bags. It really is a big problem - I don't know how it happens! I mean, I don't even like shopping - when in my life have I ever exclaimed 'oh, I do love Primark' or 'I cannot wait for the autumn clothes to arrive'. Never. But somehow, to my absolute astonishment, I have found my wardrobe brimming with new purchases and all I can do now is share with you the evidence of new things that have found their way mysteriously into my possession. Very odd, indeed.

I have to say, I think I am in love with these shoes. (Yes, I gave up the act - you all know me and my shopaholic ways!) I wore them the other day and they were slightly uncomfortable but I don't care, I love it. They are from Clarks and were my 'new school shoes' for going back to college and I think they were about £30 but are great quality and will last me forever. 

I got this in a charity shop for, I think, £2 and it is originally from George. I am not too keen on the material though so I may sell it on or give it to another charity shop.

I got this jumper from Primark for, I think, £10 or £12. It is so warm and cosy! I love the colour of it too as I have been wearing more neutral colours recently and this looks great with a blouse underneath. My only qualm is that it is a bit big so I would advise that you try it on before you buy to see if you have to go a size smaller.

This jumper is the bee's knees - I am wearing it as I write this! It is so cosy and soft and warm. They come in lots of different colours and patterns and I think it was £8 or £10. I love wearing this around the house or on casual days when I am going into town with the fam'.

When I was in the Cadbury's Factory Shop I fell in love with this little coaster - the rabbit is adorable! I think it was about £4 but I think it is a good investment.

I also went in Price's Candle Shop and bought a 50p postcard but it was so Christmas-y and lovely that I couldn't resist.

When we were in Whittard's I tried a free sample of this and it was delicious and, as you long time readers may know, I love my ice tea so when I found I could make my own using this and it would be so easy I have to get it. I think this was about £4. If you want a full review of this let me know and I will post one.

I got this cute box in Store Twenty One which has a great home section because I needed a box to put all my stuff into - a memory box in a way. Just was about £3 and is quite big and I just love the cute map print too.

I got this book in a charity shop and it is a really great funny book. It basically is a big collection of mistakes made in different countries in English - like if there was a spelling mistake or something on a sign in English in another country. 

I got this in the B&M shop and I am not really too sure on this - it makes my hair softer but it is so easy to use too much and have greasy bits (how attractive). If you want a full review let me know and please let me know if you could recommend any good frizz reducing hair products for me - preferably leave in conditioner.

So, I hope you enjoyed this haul and there will be more hauls coming soon.
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Speak to you soon!


  1. Great haul, even though you don't like shopping ;-p
    Absolutely love those brogues, made me feel the need to dig mine back out. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  2. That always happens to me! Not sure how :)
    I love that box! I went in there the other day and bought a bird cage candal display for £8!


  3. Mmm that tea sounds delicious!

  4. Great haul love the brogues xx

  5. Great haul! I love all of the different things you got! I love love that box! Memory boxes are always so cool and this just looks like it is made for memories :)

    Tightrope to the Sun

  6. I love the coaster and the postcard! :) xx


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