Saturday, 28 September 2013

Jewel Candle

Recently I have fallen in love with candles and me and my friend have spent many a lunch time in a card shop shamelessly sniffing all the candles and getting a few odd looks from shop workers and customers. So, when I stumbled across Diamond Candles and fell in love - you can like their Facebook page here and maybe win a candle!
However I was slightly disappointed when I discovered they don't ship to the UK. However I then stumbled across a post by Voussontbeauetbelle where she reviewed a candle from Jewel Candle which is a UK based candle company and is similar to Diamond Candles. They offer so many different types of candles and they all sound amazing and are handmade but the best bit is that they each have a ring in them worth between £10-250 which I find amazingly exciting! They also have a Facebook page you can like to enter giveaways and have a look at the rings or earrings everyone has discovered in their candles.
I have picked out some of my favourite scents from Jewel Candle which I really want to try and I would love to hear if you have tried any of these.
All the ring candles are priced at £24.95 and the earring candles are priced at £16.95.

This candle is called True Love and I suspect it has a rose scent which is possibly my favourite candle scent so I eager to try this.

This earring candles is in the scent Watermelon Wedge which sounds amazing and watermelon is my favourite fruit so if I had pierced ears I would be mad for this.

If you burnt this Vanilla Applepie candle I am sure your room would smell like autumn and who wouldn't want that?!

This Pink Cherry candle looks amazing and you would be able to enjoy the smell of cherries although they aren't in season.

Although I don't really drink much I have been told Pina Colada tastes like the Caribbean so I am sure this candle would fill the room with the scent of an idyllic beach.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you would like to see more posts like this be sure to let me know!
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Etsy Mug Wishlist

There is nothing like drinking tea from a favourite mug. And there is something special in finding an amazing mug which brightens up your day. For these reasons, and that my mugs are mostly all broken, I have scoured my favourite site for unusual but amazing things - Etsy - and have compiled a wishlist for you all.

How cute are these Alice In Wonderland stacking cups? Well, I have just seen they are listed as cereal bowls but I would still use them as mugs as I have no shame.

Who doesn't want a bit of Mean Girls themed tea-ware? 

I think we all secretly want a mug of Butterbeer so this is probably the closest I could get.

This mug tells the truth and, as you may be able to tell, it also hints at my love for book themed mugs.

This Great Gatsby quote mug is probably my favourite as it has my favourite quote from the book on it.

Who wouldn't want a Darcy quote mug?! This part of the book and the film always makes me squeal an awful lot!

Another Pride and Prejudice themed mug but this time with a Jane quote. I always think Jane and Bingley are adorable together.

What is autumn without Wuthering Heights and, indeed, this Wuthering Heights mug?

If only this was a real spell to make an espresso magically appear!

I hope you liked this post and if you would like to see more Etsy homeware wishlists let me know and I would love to hear which mug is your favourite!
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Friday, 27 September 2013

A Seasonal Poem

Some of you may not know this but I love writing stories and poems. I wrote my first story when I was 5 - it is a magical, but hugely plagiarized, tale of unicorns and a fairy kingdom. So, today I wanted to share with you, to truly ring in the colder weather, a poem I wrote last year for a poetry competition which I didn't end up entering as the prize was to write for a magazine but the magazine was pro-hunt and I was not willing to throw over my integrity for a position as a writer - no matter how tempting it was.
I hope you enjoy this and if you would like to see more of this kind of thing be sure to let me know - maybe I could even share my 5 year old story with you if you would like.

Wind and snow, rain and sleet
Mighty oaks refuse defeat
Their leaves now fallen, perished by
Frost and snow that mounts so high
The robin chirps tunes immense
Its feathers being its one defence
Against the numbing frost and snows
And with each day the chill does grow

But as the months flitter by
A hint of change catches the eye
Daffodils raise their weary heads
Arrays of yellow filling beds
And sun seen so long ago
Rises again, everything aglow
A golden globe beaming bright
Filling grey skies with pools of light
Flittering through the blades of green
Emerald fields shine supreme

With sweet sorrow, a short goodbye
Singing a final verse then soaring high
Crimson middle, wings outstretched
Nostalgic emotions it does fetch

As the cold memories are swept away
The children return to their play
Games forgotten throughout December
Re-embraced until September

When wind and snow, rain and sleet

Return triumphant in their feat

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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Chavenage House

Here at Emerald Dove HQ we are going through a bit of a backlog but definitely not to the extent that I am uploading posts from July in late September...that would be silly...*cough cough*.
So, when I was on my Downton coach trip (see other posts here and here) we visited a lovely stately home called Chavenage House (which I pronounce in a posh accent as show-vah-narg) which is were some of Tess of the D'Urbervilles and Larkrise To Candleford were apparently filmed. The people there were amazing and gave us a huge tour and were so passionate about the house and it's history.
I hope you enjoy this photo spam of a pretty house and it leaves you reasonable envious of their being able to live somewhere so nice - gosh, I am like a young Gatsby!

I hope you liked this post and if you have ever visited here or near here let me know! I will be uploading the further holiday installments soon.
Speak soon!
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Friday, 20 September 2013

Clothing Loves

I have recently discovered Clothing Loves and I was amazed by their lovely clothes but, more than that, their brilliant prices. There are actually very fashionable women's clothing for as little as £4 - I spend more than that on a drink in Costa! They also stock men's clothing and they also have some lovely wedding dresses which I shamelessly looked through 'oohing' and 'aahing' at their prettiness. They also have some lovely jewellery including my favourite which is a cameo necklace. And as it is wholesale clothing from China it is very on trend and I am excited to be able to sample their amazing pieces at such a low price. Most of all I am kind of in awe of their amazing line of cheap but gorgeous coats mostly for under £20!
 So, I have a few examples of the things I really like from their site for you and I hope you check them out!

I think I may be in love with this jacket. The distressed effect is gorgeous and I love the stud detail. It looks like something from Topshop or River Island but it is only about £8.

You know how I feel about festivities and the fact that I could snuggle up beside the Christmas tree in this beauty for only about £5 makes the deal ever sweeter!

This dress reminds me of the 1920s and is the kind of things I would wear to one of Gatsby's parties therefore I love it.

How cute is this jumper?! I love the colour block design and it just looks so snug!

I love how comfy this dress looks. It comes with other coloured sleeves too - black and green.

This cameo necklace is so cute! I love how vintage it looks but there really is a jewellery piece for everyone on their site.

I love this cute flowery jumper as I saw a blogger featured in a magazine wearing one similar and it just looked amazing.

Who could resist this fluffy jumper? It looks so snuggly and cute I would just have to buy it to wear when I am cold or ill.

I love the colour of this coat and it is only about £20 - it is so cute!

Can you believe this is under £20?! I love the colour and shape and everything!

I hope you enjoyed this wishlist and be sure to check out and if you do get something from their site be sure to let me know! And I would love to hear what your favourite from this wish list is. 
I know I have been been doing a lot of wishlists recently but I promise I will be uploading more holidays snaps and OOTDs soon - oh, and a haul!
Speak to you soon!
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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Fashion Union Wishlist

I first came across the brand Fashion Union when I saw an advertisement for it in a magazine I was reading about a year ago and I fell in love with the outfit they had put together but it looked quite expensive so I never thought to look online at their site. However, when I was contacted today about an Etail blogger competition to create a wishlist of items from this brand (you can see their post here: I was excited to learn more about the company and I found that it is an amazing brand which make great and stylish clothes that suit a range of tastes at bargain prices - ever a selling point for me! You can have a look for yourself here: and trust me when I say their shoes are amazing!
On with the wishlist which I feel may be quite substantial..

I love the colour and cut of this coat an awful lot but what I really love is that it is fairly affordable at £50. It would go with so much - from pretty autumn dresses to jeans and a tee.

The print of these trousers is lovely and as it is more neutral colours it means it can easily transition through the seasons. I would wear this with a loose grey marl tee or sweat in the autumn or with a shirt to work.

I don't know why I was so drawn to this top but I just love the colours, the shape and the print. It kind of reminds me of my Year 7 artwork but would look gorgeous with a bold orange skater skirt.

This navy velvet skirt is one of my favourites from Fashion Union at the moment. I love mixing textures in A/W when I try to be more safe with colours.

I love this mottled effect on this jeans and I would pair them with a grey knit or just throw them on with whatever jumper I choose to wear.

Are these shoes gorgeous?! I love the texture of them and the cut out detail is hugely on trend.

I have been looking out for a pair of heeled chelsea boots and I think these would really fit the bill of the perfect autumn boot which can be worn dressed up or casually.

I loved the pattern of this dress - it reminds me of the wallpaper in a stately home which I love. This could be worn with so many things but I would love to pair it with a burgundy cardigan.

As you may be able to tell I am very fond of this print and the more muted colours. I love how slouchy and casual this is but still looks effortlessly cool.

I love this cute little dress - I would definitely pair this with something burgundy or another jewel colour.

Yep, another grey item! I love these hats and they have a lovely red one but I prefer this one as a 'starter hat'.

My final pick from their site is this gorgeous satchel in a lovely metallic pink - I think it is so gorgeous and would look great with everything.

I hope you enjoyed this wishlist and I would love to hear what your favourite things from Fashion Union are and what you like best from this wishlist!
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Speak soon!
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