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Holiday Snaps - Day 3: Paignton Zoo

On the third day of our holiday we visited Paignton Zoo where I had not been for ages. Luckily we had really good weather - which cannot be said for today - and it was an all round great day. Also the animals were really cute and I love the idea of conservation and saving species which would otherwise become extinct but I don't like seeing animals in small cages so in some places it was a bit saddening but, for the most part, the animals were kept in amazing condition and realistic habitats as far as the UK would allow.
So, on with the pictures!

I hope you enjoyed seeing these pictures and the rest of the photos from my trip!
Also, I have created a poll on the side of this page under my GFC followers which I would love you all to vote on so I know what kind of posts you would like to see from me in the future - even if you are new to this blog I would love to hear your ideas and if you have any other ideas which I haven't listed please leave them in the comments!
I will be doing a haul very soon and maybe a Q&A post so if you would like to see a Q&A post please leave your questions in the comments.


  1. nice pictures

  2. I've always loved the zoo, no matter what age I've been, and visiting zoos in other countries is a must-do when I travel. If you're ever in San Diego, you should visit the Wild Animal Park. The animals natural habitats in the wild are mimicked as much as possible and they have plenty of acres to roam! Definitely one of my favorite zoos in the world! -Jessica L


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