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A Second Blog?!

So, I have been blogging on this blog for about 3 months and over those 3 months I have had so many amazing bloggers stop by and leave really lovely comments and I have made some lovely friends over these last few months. I feel really excited for the future and all the new adventures and friendship I may gain through this blog.
As you know this blog is mostly fashion and lifestyle as those are things I really love to write about and share with you which, especially fashion, I otherwise would be unable to really delve into and I am really happy I started this and I really do spend a lot of time, maybe too much time, reading other people's blogs.
But another big part of my life is reading and I am incredibly interested in literature which is why I am considering starting a second blog where I review books, do book style tags and book hauls and just embrace the bookish world of English literature (which, I know, sounds a whole new level of sad).
So, I would love it if anyone would like to come over and follow my second blog and maybe, just maybe, it may even lead to the creation of a Youtube channel and if it does I will keep you all informed.

Here is the link to my other blog which I would love you all to follow or just come over and say hi!

Hope to hear from you all soon and I will be uploading a haul on this blog in just a minute!


  1. aww I'm glad you've also got a blog in which you are really into writing :) xx

    1. Thank you! I really love writing both blogs! :)

  2. oo I'm a massive book worm too! will have to check this out! :) xx


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