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Music I Have Been Loving

Recently I have been listening to quite a lot of music which I quite abnormal for me as whenever I can spare a moment in my hectic lifestyle I am usually reading or just enjoying some peace and quiet. However this month I have been super into music and have especially loved, please stifle the giggles, listening to Disney songs in German. Ok, yes, I am sad but who doesn't love a bit of Disney?!
Anyway, on with the favourites!

King Charles - Ivory Road

So, I have a whole load of love or the up and coming musician King Charles as he , as his stage name may suggest, resembles King Charles and his music is so poetic and meaningful. I also love his kind of folk meets rock style and his lyrics which belong to Prince Charming himself. I went to one of his gigs and he is a great showman and it really was worth the £11 I paid to see him - it was an amazing evening! I would advise that you go to see him as soon as you can before his gets mega famous and the ticket prices rocket into oblivion.

Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran - Everything Has Changed

I have to admit to being a huge 'Tay-Tay' fan but I do not own a copy of her newest CD 'Red' as I didn't initially like the change in her musical style which is clearly evident if you compare some of her ealier songs like 'Enchanted' which I adore with the catchy but rather less heartfelt 'Trouble'. However I recently read a statement from her saying she is experimented to develop as an artist which restored my faith in her as she isn't one of those people who become famous then change completely which I happy about. And this song is so beautiful and aren't her and Ed so well suited? I think they would make an adorable couple!

It Is You (I Have Loved) - Dana Glover

I first heard this in Shrek and have loved it ever since. I love how beautiful and poignant this song is - it is written so well and is just all together perfect, moreover the instrumental parts are so well executed and simply amazing. And I am super soppy so this is the kind of thing I adore so happy listening! (with Pride and Prejudice video)

All Your Life - The Band Perry

So, as you may be able to tell there are two things I look for in a song - romantic soppiness and a folk or country feel. This song has both and is from the amazing American country band The Band Perry. Their video is so sweet and I think they may be siblings. Why don't we have more country bands in the UK? That is what our country is lacking.

Das Beste - Silbermond

As you may have realised I am a bit smitten by the German language and I love nothing more than listening to German music and that is when I found this amazing band. I especially love this song as the lyrics are so beautiful. They have quite modern pop/rock feel but in this song the words are the most important and that is what I love about it. (with English translation)

Fremde Wie Ich - Tarzan - Phil Collins

Yes, Phil Collins recorded the famous 'Stranger Like Me' song from Disney's Tarzan in German - and I think he also recorded it in French, Spanish and Italian. Despite the mispronounciation of 'ich' throughout this is a valliant effort from someone who doesn't speak the language and it is wonderfully catchy. I am more than a bit hooked on this.

So, I hope you enjoyed reading this and will also enjoy listening to some of these songs! I would love to hear whether you like any of these songs, which songs you would recommend I listen to and what posts you would like to see from me in the future. Hope you're all well!

(I own none of these pictures or the Youtube videos - no copyright intended)


  1. I love If I Die Young by The Band Perry! And also I'm a huge Tay Tay fan too!!

  2. Ohhh, I really like the King Charles song! It reminds me of something, but I can't think of what. I think I am thinking of Funs album, that's fab! You should check it out.

    I can't believe you have been listening to Disney songs in German, what a weird thing, haha!

    Corinne x

    1. I love the band Fun - they are so cool! I will totally check out some more of their songs - thanks for the recommendation! And, yes, I am a bit odd but it is strangely addictive!! :)

  3. I listen to a lot of Taylor Swift

  4. I love your blog! :))

    Visit my blog

    1. Awh, thank you! I would love to follow you! :)

  5. Loving Everything Has Changed at the moment too! ♥

    Holly |

  6. That's so funny because just the other day I was listening to the Shrek soundtrack and found that song too! I saw the song name and I thought, ok, it's probably just a coincidence, it will just be a song with a similar name, but then I read on and it was the same song! I love it too :) it is so beautiful.


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