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Ombre Hair

As with everything I am very late on the bandwagon with the ombre hair trend but it has been something which has always appealed to me. I had been seeing so many people with ombre hair and it looked amazing on each and everyone of them so when I was on holiday I took the plunge and bought the L'Oreal Wild Ombre hair dye in Light to Dark Brown. I was incredibly anxious about dying my hair as I am just a generally anxious person and, as my hair is naturally quite frizzy, I was worried about the dye damaging my hair. I convinced myself that, as it is only the ends that have been dyed, I could just get it cut if it went horribly wrong and it wouldn't be too disastrous as I am not dying my whole head.
I found that the dye was fairly effective, as my mum did a good job dying it for me, and I like how it is fairly subtle as I don't like the look where it like 'block colour' hair - half one colour then half another without an area of gradation - if that makes any sense.
I would recommend using the Wild Ombre dye as it is easy to apply. You get given a little brush which you fill with the solution and brush through your hair then leave and wash out. I did find my hair felt a bit damaged but after leaving it for a day - worried about it going green if I put product on it - I used loads and loads of conditioning products and now it feel much better. To anyone who is thinking of getting the ombre look I would say 'go for it!' before the trend is over.

I would love to hear your thoughts on ombre hair and whether you would ever consider dying your hair.


  1. Nice! Ombre hair suits you really well :) I would try this, but a few months ago I decided not to dye my hair anymore and just let the natural colour grow out! xo

    1. Thanks! Yeah, that is a good idea as your hair will be super good quality!! :) x

  2. Ombre hair always looks fancy, i love the ombre on you :))

  3. I've been toying with the idea also but just don't think it'll suit me and after having red hair for a year i've really damaged my hair condition! But I think it looks really cool on you!!! xxx Rebecca

  4. Looks gorgeous! Really glad to find someone with wavy/curly hair who's actually gone for ombre - I'm dying mine next week and wasn't sure if it'd look odd or not because of the curls! x


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