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Haul June 2013

Over the last week or so I got a couple of things I wanted share with you - one super exciting thing (but all in good time)! I went into a different town to where I usually go which doesn't have a huge amount of shops. So, we spent most of the time in the Factory Shop. This shop really does seem a bit rubbish, in all honesty, but I found some great things in there and if you have one of these shops near you I would advise you looked at the makeup, home section and bags (they had a Kate Middleton style bag which was gorgeous!). I would also advise visiting Store 21 as it has an amazing home section even if the clothes don't float your boat!
So, on with the haul!

Barr's Cream Soda - 3 for £1

Floral Pot - £3

Calvin Klein Madly Mauve Nail Varnish - £2 (RRP in other stores - £11)

I was so excited by the cheap nail varnish and they had cheap Essie stuff as well - wish I had got more!
I would love to hear what bargains you have got hold of recently and whether you have been to the Factory Shop before - I love reading all your comments and I would be very happy if you followed me on Bloglovin'!

ALSO I am hoping to do a Q&A post next and I would love for you to leave your questions below for me to answer in my next post. Of course, if it is too personal I will be unable to answer it but I would love to hear from you all.


  1. I love cream soda, it's so yummy! I wish I could go shopping these days. Now I'm always at home improvement stores haha!



    Southern (California) Belle

    1. I love it too! Haha, I really should be saving my money! :)

  2. I've never heard of the Factory Store but it sounds interesting :) I love cream soda!! Your Calvin Klein nail varnish was a bargain - looks like a pretty colour too xx

    1. It is quite a small shop - probably aren't many branches. Thanks! :)

  3. Cream soda is the best drink ever x

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm following your blog now and following you on bloglovin. Follow back hun!

    xx, Gina

  5. I love this nail varnish, very pretty xx

  6. hahaha i've been drinking barr cream soda so much lately! I even put it on a shot of my shrine in a post a while back, haha! xoxo

  7. Oh man cream soda reminds me of my childhood! :D


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