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Tips For Starting College/Sixth Form

I know many people who are starting college this year and it reminded me of when I started college and how I felt. I know I watched a lot of Youtube videos giving tips for starting college and, to be honest, I was super nervous so I have compiled a list of tips for those starting college in September.

-Make the most of the first week when everyone is searching for a friend and no-one knows anyone as after a few weeks they will all be in friendship groups and it will be slightly more difficult to make friends - although I did make friends about half way through the year.
-Smile even if you are shy because then people will not mistake your shyness for pride or rudeness and try to be social - even if it is only saying hello to the people in your class.
-Join an extra curricula club as they are a great way to meet people with the same interests as you.
-Make sure your phone always has charge, credit and the numbers of people who you will be hanging out with as I found it was easy to get lost and college and spend the whole of lunchtime walking around looking for your friends.
-Choose a place to meet with friends at breaks and lunch and have that as your meeting place everyday and base where you meet if you cannot find eachother. I found on the first day that I arranged to meet at the reception and so did everyone else and there were so many people I couldn't find my friends so make sure you decide to meet somewhere different to everyone else in the college.
-Wear clothes you feel comfortable in or you will feel awkward all day but if you feel good in what you are wearing others will recognise this in you too.
-Buy a big, sturdy bag for your books as you will have to carry a tonne of them and I wouldn't advice spending too much on it as bags carrying that amount of weight tend to break easily.
-Manage your time wisely - don't spend all your free lessons in McDonald's else you will regret it when you get to exams and find you have a load of revision you need to do.
-Don't take your money to college if you can help it else you will end up spending it all in Primark and on Ice Tea.
-Make a good first impression, especially on the teachers, because you have to spend the next 2 years or more with these people.
-Work out a route to and from college before you start and do a practise run of travelling there and seeing how long it takes else you will be unprepared on your first day.
-Take subjects you enjoy, not just the subjects your friends are taking, because you may not be put in the same class as your friends then you will be stuck studying something you dislike.
-Don't be put off of languages because of the speaking element - even if you lack confidence in your speaking they will support you throughout and help you become more confident.
-Make the most of your time at college and value the friends you make there because you may all go different way after college.

If you are starting college do not worry about it, it will be fine, and I wish you the best of luck!
Be sure to comment below your experiences and if you would like to see more of these kind of posts.
I will be uploading a fashion post shortly - promise!!

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