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 Hey! So, this tag was going around on Youtube a while ago and thought I would have a go at it. I love the idea that it is showing people that if you are interested in fashion it doesn't make you an idiot and shows there are more to people than perhaps meets the eye. Yep, rant over...I will get on with it!

- Favourite book
I have 2 favourite books which are absolutely amazing and I highly recommend - these are Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I love that these women do not just fall into the arms of the man. In P&P Elizabeth doesn't like Darcy at the beginning and doesn't change her mind over the matter of wanting an eligible husband. And Jane in JE leaves Rochester on a matter of principle as she doesn't want to be his mistress. And they have happy endings! Yay!!

- Favourite quotation[s]
I am yet to find a favourite quote but I do like a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt which is 'The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams' and I love this - especially in relation to Roosevelt's achievements of being the first female pilot (definitely knew that before watching Night In The Museum 2...).

- English or Maths?
English without a doubt. Although I do enjoy doing linear equations I just fail at anything maths related.

- Science or Art?
Tricky one. Hhmmm. I think Art would win by a smidgen because Science I always found kind of boring but I was never good at Art but I did enjoy it more than Science.

- Name five albums or musical artists that changed your life.
I wouldn't say that any albums or artists have changed my life but I do have a few that I do really love.
1- King Charles (Loveblood)
2- Tay-Tay Swift (Speak Now, Sparks Fly)
Ermmm, I also love a handful of Christian artists like Matt Redman, Vicky Beeching, Chris Tomlin etc etc.

- Favourite & least favourite subject at school
Favourites were probably English Lit and History because they were interesting. I disliked (not because of the teachers which were fab) PE, Maths and ICT mostly. So glad to no longer have PE. Cross country was horrible. Coldest, rainiest, muddiest day of the year running laps around a field in shorts. I always came last, generally purple, and felt the clasp of utter humiliation.

- Favourite 'Celebrity with a Brain'
Mat Baynton (from Horrible Histories) is amazing - as are the rest of the HH cast. Miranda Hart is hilarious.

- If you could study anything anywhere, what would it be?
Germany would be amazing. Cologne?

- What is your 'nerdy little secret'?
So, as I am learning German at the moment, my nerdy secret is that I sometimes think in German. That is really weird, isn't it? Awks.

- Favourite beauty guru[s] who you admire for more than their love for beauty/fashion.
I have 3 favourites then loads others - they are Youtubers though. Soz. Here we go: Sprinkle of Glitter, Zoella, Voussontbeauetbelle. I love how life affirming their videos are and they are just great really.

- If your channel couldn't focus on beauty/fashion, what would it be?
Maybe religion or learn German??

- Name some things that you're obsessed with that other people would find strange or geeky.
I really like Harry Potter - it is so cool! I love how it brings such great values such as bravery and friendship.

Hope you enjoyed it!
See you soon!
I tag you all!    

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