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No More Page 3

This is a subject which has been really playing on my heart recently as I feel it is something really important and I urge you all to get involved with it.
Basically, No More Page 3 is an internet based feminist movement about trying to stop the publication of naked women in family newspapers like the Sun and I am a avid supporter of this campaign.
David Cameron recently responded to this with telling people that if they dislike it the can 'turn the page' but it isn't enough. It isn't enough to silently disagree and not buy the paper as by not standing up to what you feel is wrong is basically allowing it to carry on. So many people are affected by Page 3. How can men co-exist with women in society when, at one time, they are objectifying women by looking at the these kind of images in the paper then, the next, they have to see them as equals. It suggests that everything women have fought for like getting the vote was futile as women still aren't respected but are objectified. When you are in your teens and have to sit on the bus and see people openly oogling at the papers and the girls around them and it just makes you feel like there is not much point. What is the point in going through education to get degrees when, at the end of it, society will still only see your body and not see that inside you are actually not just some submissive bimbo but have a voice and a personality and are someone who is actually trying to make something more of themselves. Women are so heavily affected by this. How can we be expected to live up to these airbrushed images?  There is such a huge problem with body confidence among young girls and aneroxia is so common but it is not surprising as women are expected to look like the images they constantly see before them. Moreover, the government put into practise so many safeguards to protect children but papers like the Sun are still displayed at eye level and no-one cares that young children are seeing these kind of images. Surely, if it was acceptable in our society parents would feel fine for their children to aspire to be like these models. Girls feeling that they cannot be lawyers, teachers, MPs or anything else as the only way to be someone is to be desirable and it is clear that feminism and opinions are not going to get you a husband so you need to just lock them away in your pretty little head and just smile. That is not the mindset we should let our children have so why is Page 3 still around? It is outdated, sexist and it objectifies women.
So, be sure to sign the petition!
Have a look at their Facebook page to read their points in a better expressed way!

NMP3 FACEBOOK PAGE:!/NoMorePage3?fref=ts

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  1. We live in a strangely sexist society in the uk and I really hope this topples page 3 eventually! There was a huge outrage because lego teamed up with the sun and tesco. Insane what wasn't acceptable 20 yrs ago is definitely not now. x Jazzy at hivenn


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