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Christianity, Judging Others & Fashion

 Christianity: Judging Others & Fashion

I see sometimes within the Church people are so quick to judge others as soon as they find out that they are Christian. As a Christian I find myself watched, and watching others - I must admit, a lot more than if I were non-religious. I see that people watch Christians and if they stub their toe and accidentally swear then they declare 'WOAH! You are a bad Christian!'. I am not saying that the Church is bad - I love the Church and people coming together and supporting each other in their relationship with God and their growth as a Christian - but there are sometimes people who do judge and judge more as soon as you say you are a Christian. Jesus taught us not to judge others for we all make mistakes and no person is better than another so no-one should take the moral high ground and say 'oh, look, he went to a party last night! He must just be a Sunday Christian!' I understand that Church is important for supporting each other and really instead of chatting to others about the boy who parties we should be talking to him and seeing if this is either just a social thing or if it has a more significant cause behind it which may need to be discuss with someone professional within the Church - like someone on the pastoral team or the Youth Worker. Idle gossip will not help those who may need our support.
I can relate to this as, although I have never really encountered criticism of how I act as a Christian, I have criticised myself a lot recently. I have found being interested in fashion and beauty alongside my love of God and following the messages within the Bible quite challenging. It could be said that my love is fashion is simply consumerism and I am materialistic and I am committing the sin of coveting. Yet I have come to feel like if I were to chuck out all my clothes and dress very plainly I would be losing part of myself. Of course, this links to Jesus saying that you should throw away your possessions and follow Him and I find that challenging. I can live without shopping, as I have done for over 4 months when I was saving, but creating new looks to convey ideas and personality is like a creative outlet to me. I am sure many of you will find flaws in my arguments but I do not feel that being interested in fashion is wholly sinful. I think fashion is not worshiping brands and clothing trends but can inspire people and help people who are different to show that and not hide their personality by wearing what everyone else wears. It is a means by which people can show the personality and soul God has given them and come to accept themselves and help others to accept them too.
I do still find this quite challenging and would love to hear your opinions.
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Hope you're all well!


  1. Christian girl myself who just discovered this post, thank you for having the bravery to post it and just reminded me that I am not alone. thank you xx

    1. I am really happy to hear that you liked this post and I want to thank you for your comment as it has given me the encouragement to continue to use this blog as a means by which I can share the message of God in the future. Bless you, I hope you are well! :) x

  2. Gosh I know what you mean, I find I criticize myself a lot more than other people I find myself comparing my actions to those 'perfect Christians' around me. My downfall is definitely my consumerism fashion and makeup are something I enjoy, a part of me it is a really interesting topic and something brave to write about I have to admit it is something I don't shout from the rooftops. x

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